Become a Cascadia Diplomat

Diplomats believe in an autonomous and independent Cascadia and do the work that make the Cascadia movement happen. They are well versed in bioregionalism and Cascadia, manage local embassies, undertake projects, host round tables and provide educational presentations and resources.

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As part of becoming a Cascadia Diplomat - you will be asked to lead a round table discussion to identify a project or idea to better connect the Cascadia movement with a community, idea or passion you might have.

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What is a Diplomat?

Definition of a Diplomat:  

  1. an official representing a country or bioregion. Synonyms: ambassador, envoy, emissary, consul, attaché, plenipotentiary, chargé d'affaires, official;

  2. a person who can deal with people in a sensitive and effective way. Synonyms: tactful person, conciliator, reconciler, peacemaker; mediator, negotiator, arbitrator, intermediary, moderator, go-between, middleman

definition of a Bioregional Diplomat:

  1. a citizen of our watershed that represent and act on behalf of, and in service of bioregionalism, bioregional principles, Cascadia, and Cascadia bioregion - an ambassador for the idea and movement that sets aside personal agenda and act in a positive manner, that builds and grows the Cascadia movement for the betterment of our bioregion.

  2. someone working to make Cascadia happen.

Responsibilities of a diplomat

  • Represent Cascadia, bioregionalism and the Cascadia movement in a positive, compassionate and respectful manner.

  • Attend and complete a Diplomat Training orientation and onboarding.

  • Create a Diplomat page & bio

  • Join other diplomats for remote or in person regular work parties.

  • Host a work group discussion to identify and create one project or idea on how the Cascadia movement can better connect to a passion you have, or a community you are a part of.