Cascadia on the Ground: Summer Workshop Series

Located in a beautiful 98 acre valley in south western Washington, Cascadia on the Ground is a weekly workshop series and serves as our summer educational and recreational hub. Among forests, fields and streams, classes, workshops and art projects take place focused on skills we need to make the changes we want to see happen, including movement building, sustainable living, alternative building methods, and inclusive community building. With accommodation ranging from hike in camp sites, to glamping in yurts and tiny houses, the experience focuses on connecting people to the land that we live on, and proactive ways to preserve it.


sustainable & off grid building


August 2nd - 4th

Explore beautiful alternatives to the Mc Mansions of mundane suburbs as we explore sustainable and off grid housing solutions. We’ll compare and contrast Tinyhouses, Yurts, AirCrete Domes and Earthships for their durability, livability and sustainability. Composting toilets, green energy and permaculture will round out the workshop.




August 23rd - 25th

Become acquainted with the realities of Salmon habitat restoration and conservation. Learn from Shoalwater Bay Tribal teachers about the history, significance and economy of salmon here. Government scientists and local conservationists add knowledge and working solutions about the impacts we each can make on this issue that affects everyone. Join us on this journey of helping the salmon home.

the craft of storytelling


August 9-11th

Cascadia’s literary history is a strong reflection of both the special place it is, but also the unique people who live here. In this workshop, we’ll review some of the most celebrated texts, see what makes them inspiring, and put that into practice ourselves. Come ready to write, share and build your story of Cascadia.


bioregional cartography


August 16th - 18th

Join us for a weekend of mapping the land, the people and the self in Cascadia. From mind maps to data visualizations, we’ll explore the power of images to impart truth and meaning, and the critical role they play in movement building. This creative and hands on workshop will create both a collective and an personal map project.

Summer Revival Gathering.jpg

Weekend Workshops

Our summer scholastic program brings expert instructors together for weekend workshops that give you practical skills and valuable takeaways. Through hands on building projects in our wilderness classroom, your learning is as immersive as it is informative. Starting on Friday evening and ending before sundown on Sunday, our focused weekend schedule turns a weekend of camping into learning.

All-Inclusive Experience

Life really becomes a vacation when you don’t have to cook! With delicious meals coming from our community kitchen in a converted hay barn, we take camping epicurean. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served family style giving you a chance to socialize and relax with your fellow students and instructors. We’ve even applied some permaculture principles we teach to our meal plans as we strive to build a self sustaining farming practice where the land we all stay on will provide the food we eat. Sustainability from farm to fork!



Nurtured by nature

Our workshop schedule leaves time to enjoy the beautiful environment of our Pacific County location. With daily nature walks focusing on healing and eatable native plants and free time to reflect in a sun-kissed glade or relax by the river, being nurtured by nature comes naturally.