Become a Citizen: Get your Cascadia Bioregional Passport

PREORDER: Conceived in 2013, the Cascadia Department of Bioregion is proud to release our first run of Cascadia Passports which will be available and ship by May 18th 2019, Cascadia Day! Everyone who joins us before May 18th, receives a free and commemorative Founding Stamp.

Cascadia Passport
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Lovers of Cascadia and the Pacific Northwest - travelers, inhabitants, hikers, citizens, adventurers, explorers, historians, and everyone in between - love the classic Cascadia Passport. Use the Cascadia Passport to log visits to unique events, places, hook into the Cascadia Buy Local business directory for special discounts and offers, and map your special memories as you travel throughout the Cascadia Bioregion.

Organized by geographic region, this handy travelogue is highly functional, offering color coded regional maps, need-to-know information about Cascadia, and plenty of space for cancellations and annual stamp series. In addition to hooking in with a local business directory of local, ethical and sustainable businesses and organizations, many events and locations around the bioregion offer stamps, making the Passport an ideal, economical, and portable way to preserve your fondest memories.

Looking to share your love for Cascadia? Passports are perfect gifts for all occasions.

Product Details

  • 6'' x 4''

  • Full color photographs and interpretive highlights organized by region

  • Additional space in the back for overflow cancellations

  • Softcover, 64 pages

  • 978-0-578-45631-7

When you participate in the Cascadia Passport To Your Bioregion program, you help support Cascadia and the Cascadia Movement. All net proceeds from the program go to support vital educational programs of the Cascadia Department of Bioregion.


If you would like to offer a discount for passport holders, or would like to carry Cascadia Passports in bulk, or a Cascadia stamp station email directly.