English to Chinook Jargon: Dictionary of Chinook Wawa


Chinook Jargon (also known as Chinuk Wawa, or Chinook Wawa) was the true lingua francais of the Cascadia bioregion for several hundred years. It was used as a common trade language between the hundreds of indigenous tribes and nations from the region, and was incorporated by early English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and other immigrants, pioneers and traders who made the area their home. At its height, it had more than 100,000 speakers in the late 19th century, and spread from the lower Columbia River, first to other areas in modern Oregon and Washington, then British Columbia and as far as Alaska, sometimes taking on characteristics of a creole language. It is partly descended from the Chinook language, upon which much of its vocabulary is based.

Many words from Chinook Jargon remain in common use in the Western United States and British Columbia. The total number of Jargon words in published lexicons numbered only in the hundreds, and so it was easy to learn.  It has its own grammatical system, but a very simple one that, like its word list, was easy to learn. Jargon contains even some Hawaiian, and similarly the Jargon as spoken by a Chinese person or a Norwegian or a Scot will have been influenced by those individuals' native-speaker terms and accents. The Chinook Jargon naturally became the first language in multi-racial households and in multi-ethnic work environments such as canneries and lumberyards and ranches where it remained the language of the workplace well into the middle of the 20th century. During the Gold Rush, Chinook Jargon was used in British Columbia by gold prospectors and Royal Engineers. As industry developed, Chinook Jargon was often used by cannery workers and hop pickers of diverse ethnic background. Loggers, fishermen and ranchers incorporated it in their jargon.  


Abase - mamook keekwullie

Abdomen - yakwahtin; kwahtin

Abed - kopa bed

Abide - mitlite

Abject - cultus

Able - skookum

Aboard - kopa boat; kopa ship; kopa canim

Abolish - mamook halo

Aboriginal Medicine - kelale

Aborigine -  siwash

Abound - hiyu mitlite

About - wake siah kopa

Above -  saghalie

Abroad - klahanie

Abscond - kapswolla klatawa; ipsoot klatawa

Absent - halo mitlite

Absolve - mamook stoh; mamook mahsh

Absurd - pelton; wake delate

Accept - iskum

Accident - nika tumtum halo yaka chako kahkwa

Accompany - klatawa kunamokst; chako kunamokst

Accomplice - yaka mamook mesachie kunamokst

Accomplish - mamook

According to - kopa

Accumulate - iskum hiyu

Accurate - delate

Achieve - mamook

Acknowledge - wawa nowitka

Acorns - kahnaway

Acquaint - mamook kumtuks

Acquire - iskum

Across - enati; inati; inati

Act / Action - mamook

Active - delate halo lazy

Add - mahsh kunamokst

Adjoin - wake siah kopa

Admiration - hwah

Admire - mitlite kloshe tumtum kopa

Admonish - potlatch kloshe wawa

Adore - mitlite delate kloshe tumtum kopa; atole

Adorn - mamook kloshe

Adrift - cultus mitlite kopa chuck

Adulterate - mamook mesachie; mahsh mesachie kunamokst

Adulterer - man yaka kumtuks kapswalla klootchman

Adulteress - klootchman yaka kumtuks kapswolla man

Advice - Advise, cultus potlatch tumtum

Afar - siah

Affable - kloshe

Affirm - wawa delate

Afflict - mamook trouble; mamook sick tumtum

Afoot - kopa lepee

Afraid - kwass

After - Afterwards, kimta

Again - weght

Aged - oleman

Aggressor - yaka mamook mesachie elip

Agree - tumtum kunamokst

Agriculture - mamook illahee

Agriculturist - illahee man

Aground - kopa illahee

Ague - colesick

Ah! (cry of admiration) - wah! hah!

Ah! (Cry of pain) - anah

Ahead -  elip

Aid - Help, elan

Alarm -  mamook kwass

Alcohol - lum

Alike - kahkwa

Alive - mitlite wind

All - konaway

Almighty, the - Saghalie tyee

Almost - wake siah

Alms - elahan; elann

Alms, to give - mamook klahowiam; klahowya; potlatch dolla

Aloft - kopa saghalie

Alone - kopet ikt

Alright - skookum

Also - weght

Alter - mamook huloima

Although - keschi

Always - kwanesum; kwahnesum

Am - mitlite (NOTE: sometimes no word is used)

Amass - isskum hiyu

Ambiguous - mokst wawa

Ambition - hyas tikegh

Amen - kloshe kahkwa

American - Boston

Amid, Among, kunamokst; katsuk

Amount - konoway

Amuse - mamook heehee

Amusement - heehee

Ancient - hyas ahnkuttie

And - pee; pe

Anew - chee

Angel - lesash; tamahnous

Anger - Angry, solleks

Angler - pish man

Annual - ikt cole ikt cole

Another - huloima

Answer - kilapie wawa

Antediluvian - elip kopa hyas chuck kopa Noah yaka time

Anticipate, mamook tumtum elip

Anus - opoots

Anxious - hyas tikegh

Any - klaksta

Apart - ikt yahwa, ikt yahwa

Apostle -  leplet

Appeal -  wawa kopa elip hyas court

Appear -  chako kah (nika) nanitch

Apple -  lepome; apple

Apply - wawa (if in words); mahsh (if of things)

Approve - (nika) tumtum kahkwa

Approach - chako wake siah

Apron - kehsu; kisu

Arbutus - uva ursi, lahb

Archangel - tyee lesash

Archbishop - tyee leplet

Archfiend, tyee kopa mesachie; tyee skookum

Archipelago - kah hiyu ailand mitlite

Arctic - kah delate hiyu cole mitlite

Ardent - waum tumtum

Argue - hiyu wawa

Arise - mitwit; get up

Arithmetic - book yaka mamook kumtuks nesika kopa kwunnum; mamook tzum

Arm - (n.) lemah; (v.) iskum musket; potlatch musket

Army - hiyu sojers

Around - wake siah kopa

Arouse - mamook get up

Arrest - mamook haul; mamook kow

Arrive - Arrive at - ko; chako; klap

Arrow - kalitan; kaleetan; stick kalitan

Ascend - klatawa saghalie

Ash - isick stick

Ask - wawa

Asleep - moosum

Assault - pight

Assemble - chako kunamokst

As - kahkwa

As if - kahkwa spose

Assent - wawa, nawitka

Assess - mamook tzum iktas

Assessor - tyee kopa mamook tzum illahee

Assistance - elahan; help

At - kopa

Atheist - man yaka wawa halo saghalie tyee mitlite

Attack - pight elip

Attend - klatawa

Attire - iktas

Auburn - sitkum klale; sitkum pil

Audacious - skookum tumtum

Audience - hiyu tillikums kopa house

Argument - mamook hiyu; mamook hyas

Aunt - kwalh; tant; aunt; papa yaka ats (Father’s Sister); mama yaka ats (Mother’s Sister)

Authentic - delate

Autumn - tenas cole illahe

Avaunt - klatawa

Aver - wawa delate

Averse - halo tikegh

Avidity - hyas tikegh

Avoid - klatawa kopa huloima ooahut

Awake - halo moosum; halo sleep

Away - siah

Awe - kwass

Awl - shoes keepwot; shoes kipuet

Axe - lahash

Aye - nawitka


Baby - tenas

Back of - kimtah

Bad - mesahchie; peshuk; cultus

Bad Spirit - mesachie tumtum (if in a person); mesachie tamahnous (if another spirit)

Bag - lesak

Bald Eagle - chakchak

Ball - lebal; le bal

Bargain - mahkook; huyhuy; huy-huy; huihui

Bark - stickskin

Barley - lashey; lareh

Barrel - tamolitsh

Basin - ketling

Basket - opekwan; basket

Bat - polakle kulakula

Battle - pight

Bath - mamook wash

Be - sometimes mitlite is used, and sometimes no word is used

Be still - kopet wawa

Beach - polalle illahe; naults

Beads - kamosuk

Bear - Itswoot; ikswoot; chetwoot

Bear (Female) - kllootchman itswoot

Bear (Male) - man itswoot

Bear (black) - itchwoot; chetwoot; Itswoot

Bear (grizzly)- siam; shayam; hyas itswoot; siam itchwoot

Bear (v.) - lolo

Beard - tupso or yakso kopa seahost

Bearer - man yaka kumtuks lolo

Beat, to - kokshut; mamook kokshut

Beautiful - kloshe

Beaver - eena; ina

Becalm - halo wind

Because - kahkwa; kehwa

Become, to - chako; chakko

Become hard - chahko kull

Bed - bed

Bed Quilt - tzum pasessie

Beef - itlwillie

Before - elip

Beg - skookum wawa

Begin - chee mamook; mamook elip

Beginner - halo kumtuks

Begone - klatawa

Behave - mamook kloshe

Behind - kimta; kimtah

Behold - nah; nanitch

Believe - iskum wawa; iskum kopa tumtum

Bell - tintin; dingding

Beloved, kloshe; kloshe kopa tumtum

Belle - kloshe tenas klootchman

Belly - yakwahtin

Below - keekwulee

Belt - lasanjel

Beneath - keekwulee; kickwillie; kekuli

Benefit (v.) - mamook kloshe

Berry, Berries - ollala; olallie; olillie

Beside - Besides, kunamokst

Best - elip kloshe kopa konoway

Better - elip kloshe

Between - kunamokst; katsuk; potsuk

Beyond - yahwa

Bible - saghalie tyee yaka book

Big - hyas; hiyu

Bird - kallakala; kulakula

Biscuit - lebiskwee; labisquee

Bit (dime) - bit

Bite - muckamuck

Bitter - klihl; klile; mesachie

Black - klale

Blackberries - klale olallie; klikamuks

Blackbirds - klale tenas kalakala

Blackfish - kahkwa klale

Blanket - paseesie

Bleed - mamook pilpil

Bless - wawa kloshe wawa

Blessing - kloshe wawa

Blind - halo seahost; halo nanitch

Blood - pilpil; pillpill

Blood money - pilldolla

Blow, (V.) - wind chako; hiyu wind

Blow out - mamook poh

Blue (light) - spooh

Blue (dark) - klale

Blunder, to - tseepie

Blush - chako pil kopa yaka seahost

Boar - man cosho

Board - la plash

Boast - hyas wawa; skookum wawa

Boat - boat

Bobtailed (a bob-tailed horse) - siskiyou

Boil, to, (v.) - liplip; mamook liplip

Bold, Boldness - skookum tumtum; halo kwass

Bone - stone

Boots - stick shoes

Bore, to - mamook thalwhop; mamook hole

Borrow, to - ayahwhul; iskum dolla; alki pay

Bosom (female) - totoosh; yakwahtin

Boss - tyee

Both - kunamoxt; mokst

Bottle - labooti; labotai

Bow - opitlkegh; stick musket

Bow (of boat) - nose

Bowl - ooskan; uskan

Box - la casett; la kassett

Boxer - man yaka tikegh pight

Boy - tenas man

Bracelet - klikwallle; kweokweo

Brass - pil chikamin; klikwallie

Brave - skookum tumtum

Bread - le pan; sapolil; piah sappolil

Break, to - kokshut; mamook kokshut; mamook klimmin

Breakfast - muckamuck kopa tenas sun

Breasts - totoosh

Breath - wind

Breechclout - opoots sill; opoots sail

Bride - klootchman yaka chee malieh

Bridegroom - man yaka chee malieh

Bridle - lableed

Bright - towagh; tewagh

Bring, to - lolo; mamook chahco; newah

Broad - klukulh

Broken legged - kokshut lapea

Broken - kokshut; coxit

Brook - tenas chuck; tenas cooley chuck

Broom - bloom

Brother - kahpho; ow;  elip ow (if elder than the speaker); kimta ow; (if younger)

Brother-in-law - ats yaka man; klootch-man yaka ow; ekkeh

Brown - blaun; sitkum klale; tenas klale; klale

Buck - man mowitch

Bucket - tamolitsh

Buffalo (Bison) - hyas moos-moos; wild moosmoos; moos-moos

Build - mamook house

Builder - la plash man

Bull - man moosmoos

Bullet -  le bal; kalitan; musket yaka ball

Bundle, kow; iktas

Bungler, man yaka cultus mamook

Burn - mamook piah

Burst - kokshut

Bury - mahsh kopa illahee

Business, to do - huyhuy; huy-huy; huihui

But - pe; pee

Butcher - man yaka kumtuks mamook mimoluse moosmoos

Butt - opoots

Butter - totoosh gleese; totoosh lakles

Buttons - chilchil: tsiltsil

Buy, to - mahkook

By - wake siah kopa; kopa

By-and-by - winapie; alki


Calf - tenas moosmoos

Calico - tzum sail; sail

Call, to - wawa

Calm - halo wind

Calve - mahsh tenas

Can - skookum kopa

Candle - la shandel; glease piah

Cannot - halo skookum kopa; howkwutl

Canoe - canim

Canon Ball - kalitan

Cap - seahpo

Capable - skookum kopa; skookum tumtum

Capsize - keelapie; kilapie

Captive - elite

Capture - mamook kow

Car - piah chickchick

Careful - kloshe nanitch

Careless - kultus; halo kloshe nanitch

Carpenter - la plash man

Carrot - lacalat

Carry, to - lolo

Cart - chikchik; tsiktsik

Carve - mamook cut

Cascade - tumwata

Cash - dolla; chikamin

Cask - tamolitsh

Cast (v.) - mahsh

Castrate, to - mahsh stone

Cat - pusspuss; pishpish

Cataract - tumwater

Catch - iskum; mamook kwotl

Cattle - moosmoos

Cautious, (to he) - kloshe nanitch

Cease - kopet

Cedar - canim stick; lametsin stick; kpai; kalakwahtie stick

Cedar Bark (inside) - kalakwahtie

Celestial - kopa saghalie

Certain - delate

Certainly - nawitka

Chain - lashen; chikamin lope

Chair - la shase

Chance - nika tumtum halo yaka chako kahkwa

Change - huyhuy; mamook huyhuy

Characters (letters / writing) - tzum

Cheap - wake hyas mahkook

Cheat, to - lalah; mamook pelton

Cheated, (I am) - nika chako pelton

Cheeks - kapala; seahost;

Cheer - hiyu kloshe wawa

Chicken - la pool

Chief - tyee

Child - tenas

Chilly - tenas cole

Chimney - lasheminay

Chin - makeson

Choose - tikegh; elip tikegh

Chop, to -  tlkope

Christmas - hyas Sunday; kllsmes

Cider - chuck lapome

Circle - kweokweo

City - skookum town

Clam, to - mamook ona (razor clams); mamook lukutchee, or tukutchee, or tukwitchee (little neck clams); mamook smetocks (the large, round clams of Puget Sound and the northern coasts).

Clams - ona; tukutchee; takwitchee; clams; (smetocks, the large kind)

Clay - illahee

Clean (adj.) - halo illahee

Clean (n.) - mamook clean

Clear up, to - chako klah

Clerk - tzum man

Climb - klatawa saghalie

Clock - hyas tiktik

Close, (V.) mamook ikpoole

Cloth (cotton or linen) - sail; sill

Cloth (woolen) - pasese

Clothes - iktas

Clouds - smoke; smoke kopa saghalie; cultus smoke

Coast - illahee wake siah kopa chuck

Coat - capo; kapo

Coffee - kaupy

Cold - cole (sometimes spelled ‘col’); chis

Color - tzum; chym

Comb, (n.) - comb

Comb, to, (v.)- mamook comb

Come, to - chako; chahko; newah

Come out of the water - chako klahanie kopa chuck

Comedian - heehee man

Command, (v.) - mahsh wawa

Command, (n.) - law

Commandments - saghalie tyee law

Commence - mamook begin; chee mamook

Common - Icloshe kopa konoway; cultus

Communion - Jesus yaka muckamuck

Complete - mamook kopet

Conceal - ipsoot

Conceive - klap tenas

Conceive, (in mind) - mamook tumtum

Concur, (I) - (nika) tumtum kahkwa

Confess, to - yiem; wawa

Confession, to go to - kopes; kofes; Chachas bilalam; milalam (holy talk)

Confine - mamook kow

Confirm - mamook delate

Confirmed (pas.) - chako delate

Confirmation - lakonfirmation; kopli masio

Congregate - chako, or klatawa kunamokst

Conjurer - siwash doctin; tamahnous man

Conjuring - tamahnous; mamook tamahmous

Conquer, to - tolo

Conscience - tumtum

Consecrate - potlatch kopa saghalie tyee

Contented - mitlite kloshe tumtum

Contrite - cly tumtum; sick tumtum

Control - tolo

Conversation / Converse - wawa

Convince - tolo

Cook, to - mamook piah; mamook piah muckamuck

Cooked, (pas.) - chako piah

Cool, to - mamook cole

Copper - pil chikamin

Copy - mamook tzum

Cord - tenas lope; lope

Cordially - kloshe tumtum

Cork, (v.) - ikpooie

Corn - esalth

Corral - kullagh; kullaghan

Correct - delate

Cost, (how much) - kunjih dolla?

Cotton goods - sail

Cougar - hyas pishpish

Cough - hohhoh

Counsel, cultus potlatch tumtum

Count (n.) - kwannun

Count, to(v.) - mamook kwannun; mamook kwunnun;

mamook kunsih; mamook kunjih; mamook tahnin

Country - illahee

Couple - mokst

Courage - skookum tumtum

Cover (V.) - mahsh ikta kopa haghalie

Covet - tikegh kapswalla

Cow / Cattle - moos-moos; musmus; klootchman moosmoos

Coward - halo skookum tumtum; kwass man

Coyote - talapus; t'apalus

Crabapple - powitsh; slwash apple

Crack - tsugh

Cranberry - solemie; swamp olallie; pil olallie; siwash isalk

Crazy - lemolo; pelton; clazy

Cream - kloshe totoosh

Cream-colored, le clem

Creator - saghalie tyee

Creek - tenas chuck

Creep - tenas cooley

Cricket, (large), mesachie cultus kala-kala; mesachie cultus sopena

Crooked, kiwa: tseepie; clocked; wake delate; hanlkek

Cross, (n.) - la cloa

Crow - kahkah

Crowd - hiyu tillikums

Cry, to - cly

Cultivate - mamook kloshe

Cup - ooskan; cup; lepot

Cure - mamook kloshe

Cured - chako kloshe

Curly - hunlkih

Currant - pil olallie; culant

Currency, papah dolla

Curse, (n.) - mesachie wawa

Curse, (V.) - wawa mesachie

Cut, to - tlkope; mamook cut


Dance, to - tanse

Danger - mesachie mitlite

Dark / darkness - polaklie

Darken - mamook polaklie

Dash, (v.) - mahsh

Daughter - tenas klootchman

Dawn - delate tenas sun; chee chako light

Dazzle - hiyu skookum light; kahkwa halo nika nanitsh.

Dead - memaloost; mimoluse; mahsh konoway yaka wind; yaka wind chako halo

Deadness - kahkwa mimoluse

Deaf - ikpooie kwollan; halo kwolan

Deafen - mamook halo kwolan

Deaf mute - halo kwolan halo wawa

Deal, to - mahish; mahsh

Death - mimoluse

Deathbed - bed kah yaka mimoluse

Dear, (expensive) - hyas mahkook

Dear, (loved) - kloshe

Death warrant - papah yaka wawa, nawitka yaka mimoluse

Debate - pight wawa

Debility - halo skookum; wake siah sick

Decay - chako cultus; chako mimoluse; chako rotten

Deceit - kliminawhit wawa

Deceive - wawa kliminawhit mamook lalah

Deceiver - yaka kumtuks wawa kliminawhit

Decide - mamook tumtum; klap tumtum

Decision - tumtum

Decline - wawa halo

Deed - mamook

Deep - klip; hyas keekwulee

Deer - mowich; mowitch; mowitsh

Defeat, (v.) - tolo

Defend - kloshe nanltch

Defer - mamook alki; mamook byby

Deficient - wake hiyu

Definite - delate

Deformed - wake delate

Delight - kloshe tumtum

Delighted - mitlite or chako kloshe tum-tum

Delirious - huloima latet; kahkwa clazy

Demand - wawa; skookum wawa

Demon - skookum; lejaub; kahkwa lejaub; mesachie tamahnous

Deny / Denial - wawa halo

Dense - hiyu

Dentist - doctin kopa teeth; doctin kopa letah

Depart - klatawa

Descend - klatawa keekwulee

Describe - mamook kumtuks

Desert, (n.) - llahee kah halo ikta mitlite

Desert, (v.) - kapswalla klataway; mahsh

Devil - diaub; yaub; lejaub

Diabolical - kahkwa lejaub

Dialect - lalang

Dialogue - ikt man yaka wawa, huloima man yaka wawa, laly kahkwa

Did - mamook

Die - mimoluse; mahsh konoway yaka wind

Differ - huloima tumtum

Different / Difference - huloima

Difficult - kull

Dig, to - mamook illahee; mamook kokshut illahee

Dig a hole - mamook hole; mamook tlwhop

Dilute - mahsh chuck kunamokst

Dime - bit; mit

Dimension - kunjih hyas

Dine / Dinner - muckamuck kopa sitkum sun

Direct - delate

Directly - alki; winapie; tshike

Dirty - illahee mitlite; hyas humm

Disagree, halo tumtum kahkwa

Disappoint - mamook pelton

Disbelieve - halo tumtum kahkwa

Disappear - chako halo

Discard -- Discharsre, mahsh

Discover - elip nanitch

Dishonest - kumtuks kapswalla

Dislike - halo tikegh

Disobey, halo iskum wawa; mahsh wawa

Disrelish, halo tikegh muckamuck

Dissent, huloima tumtum

Distance, (what) - kunjih siah

Distant - siah

Distinguish - nanitch

Distress - klahowya tumtum; klahowya

Distrust - kwass

Dive - klatawa keekwulee kopa chuck

Diverse - huloima

Divine - kahkwa saghalie tyee

Doctor - doctin

Doctress - klootchman doctin

Dodge - hyak klatawa; klatawa yahwa; yahwa

Doe - klootchman mowitch

Dog - kamooks; dog

Dollar - dolla, or tahla; chikamln

Do - mamook

Don’t need / Don’t want - waketickeh

Donation - cultus potlatch

Door - la pote

Double - mokst

Double minded, mokst tumtum

Doubt - halo delate kumtuks

Down, (adj.) - keekwulee; kickwillie; kekuli; whim

Down, (n.) - kalakala tupso

Downcast - sick tumtum

Down Hill - keekwulee

Downright - delate

Downstream - mimie; cooley chuck

Doxology - mahsie kopa saghalie tyee

Dozen - tahtlum pe mokst

Drab - tenas klale, tenas tkope

Drag - draw, haul

Drawback - mamook haul kimta

Drawers - keekwulee sakolleks

Dread - kwass

Dream - dleam; nanitch kopa moosum; moosum nanitch

Dreary - cultus

Drench - mahsh kopa chuck; mahsh chuck kopa.

Drenched - mitlite hiyu chuck; hiyu chuck mitlite kopa

Dress - klootchman coat

Drink, to - muckamuck; muckamuck ___

Drinkable - kloshe kopa muckamuck

Drip, chuck klatawa

Drive, mamook kishkish

Drizzle - tenas snass

Drown - mimoluse kopa chuck

Drowsy - tikegh moosum; tikegh sleep

Drug - lametsin

Drum  - pompon

Drunkk, (adj.) - pahtlum; dlunk

Drunk, (v.) - chako pahtlum

Drunkard - pahtlum man; man kwanesum pahtlum

Dry / Dryness - dly; dely

Dual - mokst

Dubious - mokst tumtum

Duck (Mallard) - hahlhahl; kwehkweh; hahthaht

Ducking - mahsh kopa chuck; klatawa kopa chuck

Dug - mamook dig

Dull - halo tumtum; wake siah halo latet

Dull (not sharp) - halo tsish

Duly - delate

Dumb - wake wawa; halo wawa

During - kopa

Durst - skookum tumtum

Dust - polallie; tenas illahee; klimmin klimmin illahee

Dwell - mitlite

Dye, (v.) - mamook tzum

Dying - wake siah mimoluse

Dyeing - mamook tzum


Eager - hyas tikegh

Each - ikt ikt

Eagle (bald) - chakchak

Ear - kwolann

Early - tenas sun

Earnest - skookum tumtum

Earn, to - tolo

Earth - illahie

East - kah sun yaka chako; kah sun chako; kah sun mitwhit

Easter - pak; paska

Easy - halo kull

Eat, to - muckamuck

Eatable, kloshe kopa muckamuck

Ebb tide - chuck yaka klatawa

Eccentric - huloima

Eclipse - sun yaka chako klale; moon yaka chako

Eddy - kah chuck klatawa saghalle

Edify - mamook kumtuks

Editor - tzum (or tyee) man kopa newspaper

Educate - mamook kumtuks

Effect, (v.) - mamook

Effects, (n.) - Iktas

Effeminate - kahkwa klootchman

Efficient - skookum; kloshe

Egg - lesap; lesep; hen olallie

Eight - stotekin; kwinnum pe klone; eight

Eighteen - tahtlum pe stotekin

Eighth - stotekini

Eighty - stotekin tahtlum

Eight hundred - stotekin tukamonuk

Either—or - klonasklonas

Eject - mahsh klahanie

Elder - elip

Elder brother - kahpo

Electric / Electronic - piahtzum

Electronic Information - piahtzumwawa

Elesrant - hyas kloshe

Elevate - mamook saghalie

Elevated, (pas.), chako; saghalle; klatawa saghalie

(as the case may be, whether speaking of self or another.

Eleven - tahtlum pe ikt

Elk - moolack; moolock; mooluk; mooluck; moolask

Eloquent - kumtuks wawa

Else - huloima

Elude - ipsoot klatawa

Embark - klatawa kopa canim; boat or ship.

Emblem - kahkwa picture

Embrace - iskum kopa lemah

Emetic - lametsin yaka skookum kopa help mika mahsh mika muckamuck

Emotion - cly tumtum; kahkwa cly

Employer - tyee; boss

Empty - halo ikta mitlite

Enact - mamook

Encircle - ikt yahwa, ikt yahwa, ikt yahwa, pe mamook kow

Enclose - mamook keekwnlee

Enclosure - Kullaghan; Kullagh; pense

End - opoots

Endeavor - tikegh mamook

Endless - kwanesum

Endure - kwanesum mamook; kwanesum mitlite

Enemy - solleks tillikum; mesachie tillikum

Energy - skookum mamook

England - King George illahee

English, Englishman - King Chautsh; King George tillikum

Engrave - mamook tzum

Enjoy - mitlite kloshe tumtum

Enlarge - mamook hyas

Enough - kopet; kopet hiyu; hiyu

Enquire - wawa; ask; tikegh kumtuks

Enraged - solleks

Enslave - mamook elite

Enslaved, (pas.) - chako elite

Enter - klatawa keekwulee, klatawa inside

Entertain, (as a guest) - kloshe manltch

Entire - konoway

Entrails - kiyagh; guts; keekwulee yakwahtin kaiah

Entrap - iskum kopa trap

Enumerate - mamook kunjih; mamook tzum

Envelope (n.) - klahanie papeh

Envelope (v.) - mamook kow

Epilepsy - sick kahkwa clazy

Equal - kahkwa

Equity - delate mamook

Erect - mitwhit; delate

Escape - chako klahanie (for first or second persons);

klatawa klahanie (for third person); klatawa

Escort, (V.) - klatawa kunamokst pe kloshe nanitch

Espy, nanitch

Estate - iktas pe illahee kopa mimoluse [man / klootchman];

mimoluse [man / klootchman] yaka iktas pe illahee

Estimate, (n.), tumtum

Estimate, (v.), mamook tumtum

Eternal / Eternity - kwanesum

Ethnology - kumtuks kopa tlllikums; kumtuks kopa siwash

Eulogize - wawa kloshe wawa

Evacuate - mamook halo; konoway kla- tawa klahanie

Eve - tenas polaklie

Even - konaway kahkwa; kloshe

Evening - tenas polaklie

Ever, Everlasting - kwanesum

Every - konaway

Everywhere - konaway kah

Evict - mash klahanie

Evil - mesachie

Exact - delate

Exaggerate -  wake siah kliminawhit

Exalt - mamook saghalie; mamook hyas

Exalted - chako saghalie; klatawa saghalie; chako hyas

Examine, delate nanitch

Exceed - chako elip hiyu

Excel - elip kloshe

Excellent, hyas kloshe

Except -  kopet

Excess - elip hiyu

Exchange - huyhuy; huy-huy; huihui

Excite - mamook hyas yaka tumtum

Exclaim / Exclamation - skookum wawa; wawa

Exclude / Excommunicate - mahsh klahanie

Excuse - mamook klahowya

Execute - mamook mimoluse

Exercise, Exert -mamook

Exhale - mahsh wind

Exhaust - mamook till

Exhausted - chako delate till; wake siah mimoluse kopa till; chako till

Exhort - skookum wawa; wawa skookum

Exile (v). / Expatriate - mahsh klahanie kopa yaka illahee

Exist - mitlite

Expedite - mamook hyak

Expel - mahsh

Expend - pay; potlatch

Expert - delate yaka kumtuks

Expire - mimoluse; mahsh konoway yaka wind

Explain - mamook kumtuks

Explore - klatawa pe nanitch

Express, (v.) - wawa

Exquisite - delate kloshe

Extend - mamook hyas

Extended - chako hyas

Extensive - hyas

Exterior - klahanie

Exterminate - Extingfuisli, mamook halo; mahsh

Extol - potlatch hyas kloshe wawa

Extraordinary, hyas huloima

Extravagant, cultus mahkook iktas

Extremely tired - chako till

Extreme unction / anointing of the sick - exstlem oksio

Eye, Eyeball - seahost; eye

Eyelash, skin kopa eye

Eyewater - lametsin kopa seahost

Eyewitness - man yaka delate nanitch


Fable - wake delate wawa

Fabric - iktas

Face - seahhost

Facility - halo kull

Fact - delate wawa

Fade - chako spooh

Faded - spooh

Fail - wake tolo

Fair - kloshe

Fall / fall down- mamook whim

False / Falsehood - kliminawhit; tseepie

Fame - hyas nem

Family - tillikums; tillicum

Famish - wake siah mimoluse kopa olo

Far - siah

Farm - illahee

Farther - elip siah

Farthest, elip siah kopa konoway

Fast, (tight) - kwult; hyas kull

Fast, (quick) - hyak

Fasten, mamook kow

Fat - glease

Father - papa

Fathom, itlan

Fatigue - till

Fatten - mamook glease

Fault, wake delate mamook

Favor, kloshe tumtum

Fawn - tenas mowitch; mo witch yaka tenas

Fear - kwass

Fearless, halo kwass

Feast, muckamuck; hiyu muckamuck

Feather, kalakala yaka tupso

Feeble, wake skookum; halo skookum

Feed, potlatch muckamuck

Feel, (with hand), kumtuks kopa lemah

Feel, (with heart), feick tumtum

Feet - lapea; lapie

Fell, to - (as a tree), mamook whim

Fellow - tillikum

Female - klootchman

Ferment - kahkwa liplip; chako waum

Fence - kullagh; kullahan; pence. ;kullaghan; Kalahin

Ferocious - hyas tikegh pight; delate kumtuks pight

Fervent, Fervor - waum tumtum

Fester - chako sick, pe chako hyas

Festival - hyas kloshe time; hiyu mucka-muck

Fetch, to - lolo; mamook chako

Fever - waum sick

Fever and Ague - cole sick, waum sick

Few - wake hiyu; tenas

Fib - kliminawhit

Fiction - wake delate wawa

Field - illahee

Fiend - mesachie tamahnous

Fierce - hyas tikegh pight

Fifth - kwinnumi

Fifteen - tahtlum pe kwinnum

Fifty - kwinnum tahtlum

Fight, to - mamook solleks; piglit; mamook pukpuk

Fight, (with fists) - mamook pukpuk

Figured, (as calico) - tzum

File - la leem

Fill, to - mamook pahtl

Filthy - mesachie; humm; cultus

Fin - pish yaka lemah

Find, to - klap

Fine, (adj.), kloshe

Fine, (v.), mamook fine

Fine, (n.), fine

Fingers - le doo; lemah

Finger ring - kweokweo

Finish - mamook kopet

Fir (n.) - moola stick

Fire - piah; olapitski

Fireplace - kah piah mitlite

Firm - skookum

First - elip; ikti

First bom - elip tenas

Fish - pish

Fisherman - pishman

Fishery - kah pish mitlite; kah iskum pish

Fishhook - pishhook; ikkik

Fishline - pish lope

Fishing Rod - pish stick

Fishy - kahkwa pish

Fists - lemah kahkwa

Fit - kahkwa clazy

Five - kwinnum; kwinnim

Five hundred - kwinnum tukamonuk

Fix - mamook kloshe

Flag - sail; flag; hyas Sunday sail

Flea - sopen inapoo; chotub; flea

Flesh - itlwillie; meat

Flies - tenas kalakala; lemosh

Flimsy - wake skookum

Fling- mahsh

Flint - kilitsut

Float - mitlite saghalie kopa chuck

Flock - hiyu sheep, or kalakala

Flood - pahtl chuck; hiyu chuck

Flour - sapolil; klimmin sapolil

Flow - klatawa

Flowers - kloshe tupso

Fluid - kahkwa chuck.

Fly, (v.) - mamook fly; kawak

Foal, (n.) - tenas kuitan

Foal, (to be with) (v.) - klootchman kuitan yaka mitlite tenas

Fog - smoke; cultus smoke

Folks - tillikums

Follow - klatawa kimta

Folly - kahkwa pelton

Food - muckamuck

Fool - pelton

Foolish / Foolhardy - pelton; kahkwa pelton.

Foot - lepee; lapie

Footsteps / Footprint - kah lapea mitlite (showing how; teahwit)

For - kopa

Forbear - kopet

Forbid - wawa kloshe kopet

Ford - kah kloshe nesika klatawa enati kopa chuck

Forefather - ahnkuttie; papa

Foreign - huloima

Forenoon - elip sltkum sun

Forest - kah hiyu stick xjiitlite

Foretell - wawa elip

Forever - kwanesum; kwahnesum

Forget, to - mahlie; mahsh tumtum; kopet kumtuks

Forgive - mamook klowhowya

Foreigner (non-native person) - cheechako

Fork - la pooshet

Former - elip

Formerly - ahnkuttie

Forsake - mahsh

Fortnight - mokst Sunday

Fortunate - kloshe

Forty -  lakit tahtlum

For what - pe kahta.

Foul (adj) - cultus

Found - klap

Four - lakit; lahkit; lokit

Fourteen - tahtlum pe lakit

Fourth - lakiti

Four hundred - lakit tukamonuk

Fowl - la pool

Fox - talapus; hyas opoots talapus

Fragrant - kloshe

France - Pasaiooks illahee

Frank - open

Fraternal - kahkwa ow

Free - halo elite

Freedom - wake elite

Freeze - hyas cole

French / Frenchman - Pasiooks; Pasaiooks

Frequently - hiyu times

Fresh - chee

Fret - tenas solleks

Friday - Kwinnum sun

Friend - sikhs; shikhs; seeks; tlllikum; cheechako

Friendly - kloshe tumtum; kahkwa tillikum.

Friendless - halo tillikum

Frighten - mamook kwass

Frightened, (passive), chako kwass

Frog - shwah-kuk; wakik

Frolic - heehee

Frolicsome - pahtl kopa heehee.

From - kopa

Frown - kahkwa solleks

Fry, to - mamook piah; mamook cook; mamook la'poel

Frying-pan - la poel

Fuel - piah stick

Fulfill - mamook kopet

Full - pahtl

Fun - heehee

Fund - chikamin; dolla

Fundament, opoots

Funeral - lolo or mahsh mimoluse tillikum kopa mimoluse illahee

Fur - eena tupso

Furniture - iktas

Furthermost; furtherest - elip siah kopa konoway

Futile - cultus

Future - alki; by-by; winapie


Gab - gabble, wawa

Gad - moosmoos stick; gad

Gain - tolo

Gallop, to - kwalalkwalal; hyak klatawa

Gallows - stick kah mamook mimoluse kopa lope

Gamble - gamble; mamook gamble; mamook itlokum;

heehee lemah (with disks) chis chis; itlokum

Game - heehee

Garments - iktas

Gas - kahkwa wind

Gash, (n.) - cut; kokshut

Gash, (v.) - mamook cut; mamook kokshut

Gasp - hyas kull spose yaka iskum yaka wind; wake siah lost yaka wind

Gather, to -  iskum; hokumelh

Gay (merry) - kloshe; heehee

Gaze - skookum nanitch

General (n.)- hyas tyee

Generous - kloshe kopa cultus potlatch

Gentle - halo wild; kwan

Genuine - delate

Geography - book yaka mamook kumtuks nesika kopa konoway illahee

Geology - book yaka mamook kumtuks nesika kopa konaway stone

German - Dutchman; dutch

Get, to -  iskum

Get out - klatawa; mahsh

Get up -mamook getup; getup

Ghost - tamahnous; skookum

Giant - delate hyas man

Gift - cultus potlatch

Giggle - heehee

Gilt - kahkwa pil chikamin

Gipsy - huloima tillikum

Girl - tenas klootchman

Girlish - kahkwa tenas klootchman

Give, to - potlatch

Give orders - mahsh tumtum

Glad - kwann; youtl tumtum; kwatl

Glare - skookum light

Gleam - tenas light

Glean - iskum; kokumelh

Glee - heehee

Gloom - polaklie

Gloomy - kahkwa polaklie

Glorious - hyas kloshe

Glory -hyas kloshe nem

Glossary - wawabook

Gnats - dago; lemus

Gnaw - muckamuck; muckamuck kahkwa eena

Go, to - klatawa

Goblin - tamahnous; tsialko

God, Saghalie Tyee.

Godless - halo tikegh Saghalie Tyee

Godlike / Godly - kahkwa Saghalie Tyee

Gold - pil chikamin

Golden - kahkwa pil chikamin

Good - kloosh; kloshe

Good-bye, klahowya

Good spirit, kloshe tamahnous; econe

Goods - iktahs

Goose, kalakala; whuywhuy; kalakalakma

Gore (n.) - pilpil

Gore (v.) - mamook kokshut pe pilpil yaka chako

Gospel - Saghalie Tyee yaka wawa

Gossip - wawa

Govern - mamook tyee

Governor - tyee

Graceful - kloshe

Graduate (v.) - kopet kopa school

Grain - sapolil

Grammar - book yaka mamook kumtuks nesika kopa lalang

Grand - hyas kloshe

Grand child - tenas yaka tenas; koim

Granddaughter - tenas yaka tenas klootchman

Grandfather - papa yaka papa; chope

Grandmother - mama yaka mama; chitsh; nitz

Grandson - tenas yaka tenas man

Grant - potlatch

Grass - tupso; tupso kopa illahee

Grasshopper - tlak tlak

Grassland - illahee

Grateful, (adj.), mahsie tumtum

Grateful, (v.), wawa mahsie

Grave - mimoluse illahee

Gravestone - stone kopa mimoluse illahee

Graze - muckamuck tupso

Grease - glease; lakles

Greasy - kahkwa glease

Great - hyas; hiyu

Greedy - tikegh konoway; hyas tikegh

Green - pechugh; pale g-reen, kawkawak

Greet - wawa

Gray / a gray horse - legley

Grind (as ax) - mamook sharp; mamook kloshe

Grind, (as flour) - mamook sapolil; mamook klimmin-klimmin

Grit - tenas stone; kahkwa stone.

Groom - kuitan man; man yaka kloshe nanitch kuitan.

Ground - illahee.

Grouse - glouse; siwash chicken; siwash lapool

Grow - chako hyas

Growl - solleks wawa

Grumble - solleks wawa

Guard (n.) - nanitch

Guard - kloshe nanitch

Guardian - man yaka kloshe nanitch tenas

Guard house - skookum house

Guess - mika tumtum; guess

Guilt - mesachie

Gum - la gome

Gun - musket; sukwalal

Gunpowder - polallie


Ha - nah

Hail - cole snass

Hair - tupso; tupso kopa latet; yakso

Hair brush - tupso bloom

Half - sitkum

Half-breed - sitkum siwash — sitkum Boston.

Halloo - nah.

Halt - kopet klatawa; kopet cooley

Ham - cosho; dly cosho

Hammer - lemahto

Hand - lemah.

Hand, (right) - kloshe lemah

Handcuff - chikamin kopa mamook kow lemah.

Hand (game of) - itlokum

Handkerchief, hakatshum

Handsome, hyas kloshe

Hang (execution) - mimaluse kopa lope kopa yaka neck.

Happiness – kli; klee

Happy - kloshe tumtum; youtl tumtum

Hard - kull

Harden - mamook kull

Hare - kwitshadie; kwetshoddie

Hark - nah; nanitch

Harlot, mesachie klootchman

Harm, (n.) - mesachie.

Harm, (v.) - mamook mesachie

Harrow, to - mamook comb illahie

Hasten, liyak

Hat - seapo; seahpo

Hatch - chicken chako kopo eggs; tenas lapool chee chako

Hatchet - tenas lahash

Haul - mamook haul

Haul with wagon - lolo kopa chikchik

Have - mitlite

Hawaiian – kanaka

Hawk - hawk; shakshak

Hay - tupso; tipso; hay; dly tupso

Hazel bush - toholal stick

Hazelnut - tukwilla

He, his - yaka; yahka

Head - la tet

Headache - sick kopa latet

Headwind - cultus wind

Heal - mamook kloshe

Healed, (passive), chako kloshe

Healthy - halo sick

Heap - hiyu

Hear - kumtuks kopa kwolan

Hearsay - cultus kumtuks kopa kwolan

Heart - tumtum

Heartache - sick tumtum

Heartbeat - tumtum

Heat - waum.

Heathen, tillikums klaska halo kumtuks kopa Saghalie Tyee

Heave - mahsh.

Heaven - Saghalie; Saghalie Tyee yaka illahee; koosah; saghalie illahie

Heavy - till

Heed, (take) - kloshe nanitch

Heirs, yaka tenas, pe yaka kloochman

Hell - hyas piah; lejaub yaka illahee; keekwulee illahee

Hello – klahowya

Helm - ludda

Help, to - mamook elann; mamook help

Helve - lahash stick: stick kopa lahash.

Hen - klootchman chicken

Hence, (conj.) - kahkwa

Hence, (adj.) - yukwa

Her - yaka

Her Majesty - hyas klootchman tyee

Hers - kopa yaka; yakas; yaka

Herb - lametsin tupso

Herd - hiyu moosmoos

Here - yukwa; how; nah

Hermaphrodite - burdash

Herring - tenas pish; oolchus

Herself - yaka self

Hey - nah.

Hid, hide, to, (v.) - ipsoot. ipsut

Hide (n.) - skin.

Hidden - ipsoot; ipsut

High - saghalie; long; high

Highway - klahwayhut

Hilarity - hiyu heehee

Highway - ooakut; wayhut

Hill - tenas saghalie illahee

Him - yaka

Himself - yaka self

Hinder, wake siah mamook stop.

Hint - wawa

Hire - potlatch mamook

Hired, (passive) - iskum mamook

His - kopa yaka; yakas; yaka

Hit, to - mamook kokshut; kwulh

Hit, (passive) - chako kokshut

Hitch - mamook kow

Hither - yakwa

Ho - nah; howh.

Hoarse - cole sick wawa

Hoary - t'kope

Hoax - pelton mamook

Hoe - la peosh.

Hog - cosho

Hoggsh - kahkwa cosho

Hold - iskum; halo mahsh

Hold on - kloshe mitlite; kloshe wait; hold on

Hole - klawhap

Holiday - hyas Sunday; Sunday

Holy - kahkwa Saghalie Tyee

Holy day - lepet

Holy Ghost - Saint Espli

Holy orders - lordr; olt

Holy Trinity - Lasait Trinite

Hollow - halo ikta mitlite

Honest - wake kapswalla; halo kumtuks kapswalla

Honey - honey; kahkwa shuga

Honor - kloshe nem.

Hop - sopen

Hope - tikegh kahkwa

Hopeful - halo kwass

Hops, (wild), tlanemas

Hops, (tame), hops

Horn, stone; bone

Horrible; horrid, hyas mesachie

Horror, hyas kwass

Horse - kiuatan; kuitan; cayoosh; cayuse

Horseback, kopa kuitan

Horsehair, kuitan tupso

Horse race, cooley kuitan

Horse shoes - kuitan shoes; chikamin shoes

Hose - stocken

Hospitable - kloshe

Hostile - solleks

Hot - hyas warm

Hour - tintin; dingding

House - house

How - kahta

How are you? - klahowya

Howdy - klahowya

Howl - kamooks yaka wawa

How large - kunjih hyas

How many - kunsih; kunjih

Huckleberries - shot olallie

Human - kahkwa man

Humble - halo proud

Humorous - heehee

Hundred - tukamonuk; tukamonu

Hunger, Hungry, to be - olo

Hunt - mamook hunt

Hurl - mahsh

Hurry - hyak; howh

Hurry up - hyak; cooly

Hurt, (adj.) - kokshut

Hurt, (v.) - chako kokshut

Hurt one's feelings - mamook sick tumtum; mamook kahta

Husband, (my) - nika man.

Hush - kopet wawa; kopet noise.

Hypocrite - man yaka kloshe kopa yaka lapush, pe klale kopa yaka tumtum


I - nika

Ice - cole chuck (sometimes spelled colchuck)

Idea - tumtum.

Identical - delate kahkwa

Idiot - pelton man.

Idle - cultus mitlite

If - spose.

Ignite - mamook piah

Ignorant - halo kumtuks; blind kopa tumtum

Ill / illness - sick

Illtreat - mamook mesachie; mamook kahta

Imbibe - muckamuck

Imitate - mamook kahkwa

Imitation - kahkwa mamook

Immaterial - cultus

Immeasurable - halo kumtuks kunjih hyas

Immense - delate hyas

Immigrate - chako kopa ikt illahee

Immodest- mesachie

immoral - mesachie

Impatience - halo tikegh mitlite

Imperfect - wake delate

Important - hyas; hiyu

Impossible, wake skookum kopa

Improbable, (nika) tumtum yaka halo kahkwa

Improper, wake kloshe.

Improve, chako tenas kloshe.

In - kopa

Inability - wake skookum kopa

Inasmuch - kahkwa

Incite - mamook waum yaka tumtum

Incomplete - wake yaka kopet

Indeed - nawitka

Independent, (He is) - cultus kopa (yaka) kopa huloima tilllkums

Indifferent, (I am) - cultus kopa nika

Induce (him) - mamook haul yaka tum-tum.

Indulge - iskum

Industrious - kwanesum mamook

Inebriate - man yaka kwanesum pahtlum; man yaka kwanesum muckamuck whiskey

Infant - tenas; chee tenas

Inherit - iskum spose (mika) papa yaka minoluse.

Ink - klale chuck kopa mamook tzum.

Inquire - wawa

In shore - mahtwillie

Insane - pelton

Inside - keekwulee

Inspire - mamook waum yaka tumtum

Instantly - hyak.

Insufficient - wake hiyu

Intend, (I) - nika tumtum

Intention - tumtum

Intercede, (you for me) - kloshe mika potlatch nika wawa kopa yaka

Interpret - mamook cooley kopa huloima lalang; mamook cooley kopa huloima wawa;

mamook kumtuks huloima wawa

Internet - piahtzumwawa skookumklahwayhut

Interval - tenas laly

Intimate - kloshe

Invade - klatawa pe tikegh pight

Invisible (to you) - wake kahta mika nanitch.

Inward - keewulee

Iron - chikamin

Irresolute - wake skookum tumtum

Irrigate - mamook cooley chuck

Is - (Mltlite is sometimes used, and sometimes no word is used.)

Island - ailand; tenas illahee

It - yaka, yahka

Itch - tlihtlih

Its - kopa yaka; yakas; yaka

Itself - yaka self

Ivy - stick kahkwa lope


Jail - skookumhouse

Jealous - sick tunftum

Jerk - hyak mamook haul

Jerked beef - moosmoos itlwillie chako dly

Jest - cultus wawa

Job - mamook

Join - chako kunamokst

Joke, (n.) -cultus wawa

Joke, (v.) - mamook heehee

Jolly - heehee tumtum

Journey - cooley

Joy, joyful - youtl tumtum

Judge - tyee kopa court

Jug - stone labooti

Juice, olallie chuck

Jump, to, sopena.

Jury - man kopa court klaska tikegh;

kumtuks konoway mesachie, pe mamook kloshe kopa tillikums

Just - delate


Kamass root - lakamass

Keep, to - iskum

Kettle - ketling

Key - lekleh

Kick, to - mamook kokshut; chukkin

Kill - mamook mimoluse

Kind - kloshe

Kindred - tillikums

Kiss - bebe

Kitten - tenas pishpish

Kneel -mamook kahkwa (showing how).

Knife - opitsah.

Knit - mamook stocken.

Knock, to - koko; mamook kokshut; mamook kahkwa (showing how).

Knot - lemah; lemah kopa stick.

Knotty - hunlkih; hiyu lemah.

Know, to - knowledge, kumtuks

Knuckle - yahkwa kopa lemah (point to it).


Labor - mamook

Iacerate - mamook kokshut

Iack - wake hiyu

Iady - klootchman

Iamb - tenas sheep; tenas lemooto; sheep yaka tenas

Lame - klook teahwit; sick kopa lapea

Lament - cly tumtum

Lamprey eel - skwakwal; skwokwol

Land - illahee

Landlord - tyee

Land otter, inamooks

Lane, ooakut; wayhut

Language - la lang

Lard - cosho glease

Large - hyas

Lark - tenas kalakala

Last - delate kimta; kimta kopa konoway

Lately - chee; tenas ahukuttie.

Laugh - heehee; mamook heehee.

Laughter - heehee.

Launch - mahsh boat or ship kopa chuck.

Lawn - kloshe tupso illahee.

Lay - mahsh

Lazy - lazy.

Lead, (n.) - kalitan.

Lead, (v.) - mamook cooley.

Leader - tyee

Lean, (adj.) - halo glease

Lean, (v.) - lagh

Leap, to - sopena.

Learn - iskum kumtuks; kumtuks

Learned - kumtuks hiyu.

Least - elip tenas kopa konaway.

Leather - skin; dly skin

Leave, (v.), mahsh; klatawa.

Leave off, to - kopet

Lecture - wawa

Leg - teahwit; lapea

Legal - kloshe kopa law.

Legend - wawa; wake delate wawa.

Leggings - mitass

Legislature - tyee man klaska mamook law

Lend, to, ayahwhul; tikegh owe

Lent, (n.) - lekalem; olo time

Less - tenas

Letter - papah

Level - konoway kahkwa; flat

Liar - yaka kumtuks wawa kliminawhit

Liberal - kloshe kopa cultus potlatch

Liberty – wake elite

Lick, to, (v.) - klakwun.

Lice - inapoo

Lie, (n.), kliminawhit wawa.

lie, (v.). wawa klimlnawhit

Lie down - mltlite

Light, (not heavy) - halo till; wake till

Light, (not dark) - halo polaklie

Lightning - saghalie piah

Like, (adj.) - kahkwa

Like, (v.) - tikegh

Limb - lemah; stick yaka lemah

Linger - mitlite; halo chako

Linguist - yaka kumtuks hiyu lalang:.

Liniment, lametsin kopa skin; optlah.

Lips - lapush

Liquid - chuck

Lisp - wake delate wawa

Listen - nah; nanitch.

Little - tenas

Live (adj.) - halo mimoluse

Live, (v.) - mitlite

Lodge, (n.) - tenas house; siwash house

Lodge, (v.) - mitlite

Lofty - saghalie

Logging-camp -  stick house

Lonely - kopet ikt

Long - youtlkut

Long ago - ahnkuttie

Look, to - nanitsh; nah

Look around - cultus nanitch

Look here! -  nah!

Lookout (n.) - nanitch

Look out, to – nanitch

Lookout! - klose nanitsh!

Looking-glass - shelokum

Loose, (v.) - stoh; mahsh kow

Lose the way, to - tsolo; tseepie wayhut.

Louse - inapoo; enapoo

Love, to - tikegh

Low - keekwulee

Lower, (adj.) - elip keekwulee

Lower, (v.) - mamook keekwulee

Lowly - halo proud tumtum.

Lukewarm - tenas lazy; tenas waum.

Lug - lolo

Lumber - laplash

Lunch - muckamuck.


Mad - solleks

Madam - klootchman

Magic - tamahnous

Magistrate - tyee

Magnificent - delate hyas kloshe.

Maize - corn; esalth.

Majority - elip hiyu

Make, to - mamook

Male - man

Malice, mesachie tumtum; solleks

Mallard duck, hahthaht.

Mama -mama

Man - man

Manage, tolo; mamook.

Mang-le, hiyu mamook cut.

Mankind, konoway tillikums

Manly - kahkwa man

Manner - kahkwa kwanesum yaka mamook

Manufactory - moola

Many - hyiu

Maple - isick stick

Marble, kloshe stone

Mare, klootchman kuitan

Mark, (n.), tzum; chum

Marked - tzum; chum

Mark, (v.) - mamook tzum

Market - mahkook house

Marriage / marry - malieh

Martyr - tillikum yaka mimoluse kopa saghalie tyee yaka wawa.

Marvel - mamook tumtum — ikta okoke

Mask - stick seahost

Massacre, (v.) - cultus mamook mimoluse

Mass, (ceremony of) - la messe

Mast - ship stick

Mat - klislcwiss

Maternal - kahkwa mama

Mathematics - book yaka mamook kumtuks nesika kopa mamook kwunnum

Matrimony - malieh

Matron - tyee klootchman

Mattock - lapeosh

Mature - piah

Maximum - elip hiyu kopa konoway

Mayor - tyee kopa town

Me - nika

Meadow - tupso illahee

Mean - delate cultus; wake kloshe

Measure, to - tahnim; mamook measure

Meat - itlwillie; meat

Meddle - mamook kopa halo yaka business; cultus mamook kopa huloima yaka business;

okoke halo yaka business, pe yaka cultus mamook.

Medicine - la mestin

Meditate - mamook tumtum

Meek - kloshe; halo solleks; kwan

Meet - chako kunamokst

Melancholy - sick tumtum

Melt - chako chuck; chako kahkwa chuck; chako klimmin

Member of the Legislature – hyas tyee
Member of the Legislative Assembly – hyas tyee

Memory - tumtum

Mend, to - mamook tip-shin

Menstruate, to - mahsh pilpil

Mental - kopa tumtum

Mention - wawa

Merchandise - iktas

Merchant - mahkook man

Merchantable - kloshe kopa mahkook

Merciful, (to be); Mercy, (to have) - mamook klahowya

Message, (verbal) - wawa

Message, (written) - papah

Metal, metallic - chikamin; kahkwa chikamin; chickaman

Metal Ore – chikamin; chickaman

Metropolis - tyee town

Midday - sitkum sun

Middle, in the - katsuk; sitkum

Middle of - katsuk

Midnight, sitkum polaklie.

Midsummer - sitkum kopa waum Illahee

Midst - kunamokst

Might, (n.) - skookum; (imp. of may; klonas

Migrate - klatawa

Mild - kloshe

Military, kopa sojers

Milk - totoosh

Milkman - totoosh man

Milky - kahkwa totoosh

Mill - moola

Miller - moola man.

Mimic - mamook kahkwa

Mind, the - tumtum.

Mine - illahee kah chikamin mitlite.

Mingle - klatawa kunamokst; mamook kunamokst; mahsh kunamokst

Minister (Religious title) - leplet

Minister of Parliament / MP – hyas tyee

Minor, tenas; elip tenas

Miracle, skookum mamook; huloima ma- mook

Mischief, cultus mamook

Misconduct, mesachie mamook

Mispronounce - halo delate wawa; tseepie wawa; huloima wawa

Miss, to - tseepie

Missionary - leplet

Mistake, (v.) - mamook tseepie

Mistake, (n.) - tseepie mamook

Misty - tenas snass

Misunderstand - halo kumtuks

Mix, mamook kunamokst; mamook klim-min

Moccasins, skin-shoes

Mock, mamook shem; mamook heehee

Moderate, wake hyak

Modest - kloshe

Moisture - tenas chuck

Mole, skad; kilapailemal.

Molasses, melass; silup; molassis

Monday - Ikt Sun

Money - chikamin; dolla

Month - moon

Monthly, ikt moon — ikt moon

Moon - moon

Moonlight / moonshine - moon yaka light

Moose - ulchey; hyas mowitch; hyas moolock

Moral - kloshe

More - weght; elip hlyu

Morning - tenas sun

Moss - tupso

Mosquito - melakwa; malakwa; dago

Most - elip hiyu kopa konoway

Mother - mama; naah; naha

Motherless - halo mama

Motherly - kahkwa mama

Mountain - la monti; stone illahee; la-motai.

Mourn - cly tumtum

Mouse - hoolhool; cultus hoolhool

Mouth - la push; la boos

Move - tenas mahsh; mamook move

Mow - mamook cut; mamook tlkope

Mower - machine kopa mamook cut hay

Much - hyiu; hiyu

Mud - mud; klimmin illahee

Muddy, (water) - illahee mitlite kopa chuck

Muddy, (ground), chuck mitlite kopa illahee

Mule - lamel; le mel; lemool

Mulish - kahkwa lemool

Mum - halo wawa

Murder - mamook mimoluse

Murmur, (n.), tenas pight wawa

Murmur, (v.), potlatch tenas pight wawa

Muse - mamook tumtum

Music - sing

Musician, man yaka kumtuks sing

Musical instrument, tin tin; (Indian pompon).

Musket - musket

Mussel -  toluks; mussels

Must - mamook skookum haul

Mustard - piah tupso

Miite, halo wawa

Mutter - wawa

Mutton - sheep yaka meat; lemooto yaka itlwillie

My, mine - nika; kopa nika; nikas

Myself - nika self

Mystery - hyas huloima


Nah - iskum

Nag - tenas kuitan

Nails - le cloo; nail

Naked, halo ikta mitlite

Name - nem; yahhul

Nameless - halo nem

Nap - tenas sleep; tenas moosum

Napkin - sail kopa mamook kloshe spose nesika muckamuck

Narrate, - wawa

narrative - wawa

Narrow - halo wide

Nasty - wake kloshe; mesachie

Nation - tillikums

Native, delate yaka illahee

Navigate, klatawa kopa chuck

Nay, wake; halo

Near - wake siah

Neat - kloshe

Neck - le cou; lecoo; neck

Need - tickeh; hyas tikegh

Needle - keepwot; tupshin; needle

Negative - halo; wake

Neglect, halo kloshe nanitch

Neighborhood -  tilikums mitlite wake siah

Nephew - sister yaka tenas man; ats yaka tenas man; ow yaka tenas man;

kahpo yaka tenas man

Never - wake kunjih

New - chee

Newcomer (n.) - cheechako

News - chee wawa

Nice - kloshe

Niece - sister yaka tenas klootchman; ats yaka tenas klootchman; ow yaka tenas klootchman;  

kahpo yaka tenas klootchman.

Nigh - wake siah

Night - polaklie

Nine - kweest; kwaist

Nineteen - tahtlelum pe kweest; tahtlelum pe nine

Ninety - kweest tahtlum; nine tahtlum

Ninth - kweesti; kwaisti

Nip - mamook stop, mamook cut

No, not - halo; wake.

Nobody - tillikum

Nod - kahkwa sleep or moosum; wake siah sleep, or moosum.

Noise, noise, latlah

Noiseless, halo noise

Noisy, hiyu noise

None, halo; wake

Nonsense - cultus wawa

Noon - sitkum sun

North - kah cole chako; stopilo

Nose - nose; emeets

Not - halo; wake

Nothing- halo; halo ikta, wake

Notwithstanding - kegh-tchie

Not yet, kawek

Nourish - potlatch, muckamuck; kloshi( nanitch.

Novice - halo kumtuks

Now - alta

Nowhere - halo kah

Numb - kahkwa mimoluse

Number - kwannun; klonas kunjih

Nurse, (n.) - klootchman or man yaka kloshe nanitch

Nurse, (v.) - kloshe nanitch

Nuts -  toholal; nuts; tukwilla (hazelnut)

Nutrition - muckamuck


Oak - kull stick; kahnahway stick

Oar - la lahm

Oats - la wen; la ween

Obedience, obedient, obey - iskum wawa; mamook kahkwa yaka wawa

Object (v.) -  wawa halo

Oblige (a favor) - mamook help

Obscene - mesachie

Obscure - halo delate kumtuks

Observe - nanitch

Obtain - iskum.

Ocean - hyas salt chuck; saltchuck

Ochre - kawkawak illahee

Odd - huloima

Odor - humm

Of - kopa

Off - klak

Offend - mamook solleks; mamook kata

Offer - ticky potlatch; tikegh potlatch;

Officer - tyee

Off shore - mahtlinnie

Often - hiyu times

Oh my - anah

Oil (n.) - glease

Oil (v) - mamook glease

Oil cloth - snass sail

Oily - kahkwa glease

Ointment - lametsin; lametsin kopa skin

Old, old man - oleman

Old woman -  lummi; lummieh; lammieh; lumyi

Omit - mahsh

Omnipotent - delate hyas skookum

Omnipresent - mitlite konoway kah

Omniscient - kumtuks konoway ikta

On - kopa

Once - ikt

One - ikt; icht

One or another - ikt-ikt

One-eyed - ikt seahhost

Onion - unjun; ulalach; lesoio

Onion (wild), kalaka

Only (one) - kopet (ikt)

Open - kahlakl; halakl; open; klak

Operate - mamook

Opinion - tumtum

Opposite to - inati; enati

Or - pe

Oration - wawa

Orator - man yaka delate kumtuks potlatch wawa.

Order (v.) - mahsh wawa; potlatch wawa.

Order, to - mahsh tumtum

Ordinary - cultus

Orchard - orchard; kah hiyu apple stick mitlite

Ore - chikamin stone

Original - chee; elip; olishinel

Orphan - halo papa halo mama

Other - huloima

Otter - otter; nawamuks

Otter (land) - nenamooks; otter

Ought - delate kloshe

Our / ours – nesika; kopa nesika

Ourselves, nesika self

Out, outdoors, outside - klaghanie; klahanie; klahhane

Outlaw, hyas mesachie tillikum

Outragre, mamook hyas mesachie

Oval, kahkwa egg

Oven, oven; kah mamook piah sapolil

Over (above), saghalie

Over (other side), eneti

Overalls, overalls; klahanie sakolleks

Overcoat, hyas coat; hyas kapo

Overboard, klahanie kopa boat

Overcome, tolo

Overshoes, klahanie shoes; saghalie shoes

Overthrow - mamook halo; tolo

Owl - waugh waugh; kwel kwel

Ox - man moosmoos; moosmoos

Oyster - chetlo; oysters; klogh-klogh


Pacify - mamook kloshe

Pack, (n.) - ikt kow

Pack, (v.) - lolo

Package - ikt kow

Paddle, (n.) - isick

Paddle, (v.) - mamook isick

Paid - potlatch pay or dolla

Paid - (passive), Iskum pay or dolla.

Pain - sick; pain; addedah; anah.

Paint - tzum; chum; chym; pent

Paint, to -  mamook pent

Painted – tzum; chum

Pair - mokst

Palace - hyas kloshe house

Pale - t'kope.

Paltry - tenas; cultus

Pamphlet - tenas book

Pansy - kloshe tupso

Pant - skookum mamook wind

Panther - hyas pishpish; panther; swadwa

Pants - sakolleks

Pap - lip totoosh

Papa - papa

Paper - pehpah; papah

Papoose - tenas; papoos

Parade, (n.) - show

Parade, (v.) - mamook show; kloshe klatawa

Pardon, mamook klahowya

Parents, papa pe mama

Park, kloshe illahee

Parson - leplet

Parsonage - leplet yaka house

Part - sitkum

Party (n.) - hiyu

Partake - iskum

Pass, (v.) - klatawa; klatawa enetL

Pastor - leplet

Paternal - kahkwa papa

Path - ooakut; wayhnt

Pauper - klahowya tillikum

Paw - kamooks or itchwoot yaka lapea; lapea

Pay - pay; potlatch dolla

Paycheque - tolo

Pea - le pwau; peas; lepwah

Peep - tenas nanitch

Pelt - skin

Pen, (fence) - kullaghan

Pen, (for writing) - pen; tzum stick

Penance - lapelitans; laplitas

Pencil - pencil; tzum stick

Penis - iwash

Penitent - sick tumtum

Penitentiary - hyas skookum house

Penman - tzum man

Pentecost - lapatkot

People -  tilikum, tillikums; tillicum

Perfect - delate kloshe

Perfume - lametsin kopa nose

Perhaps - klonas

Peril - mesachie mitlite

Permanent - kwanesum mitlite

Permit - wawa nawitka

Perpetual - kwanesum

Perspiration - chuck kopa skin

Perspire - chuck mitlite kopa skin

Persevere, persist; kwanesum; mamook

Person - tillikum; tillicum

Persuade - wawa pe toto

Peruse - mamook read

Pervert - mamook huloima;

Petrified - chako stone

Petticoat - kalakwahtie; keekwulee coat kopa klootchman; petticoat; kalakwapte.

Photograph - tzum seahost

Phrasebook - wawabook

Physic - lametsin

Physician - doctin

Physiology -  book yaka mamook kum tuks nesika kopa nesika self

Pick (n.), pick; (v), iskum; tikegh

Picnic - muckamuck

Picture - tzum; papah

Piebald - le kye

Piece, sitkum

Piety - kloshe tumtum kopa Saghalie Tyee

Pig, hog, swine - cosho

Piglet - tenas cosho.

Pigeon - pigeon; kwass kala kala

Pile (n.) - hiyu

Pilot - pilot; man yaka mamook cooley

Pill - lametsin

Pin - kwekwiens; pin; kwekweens; kwekwiut

Pine - lagome stick

Pint - sitkum quart

Pipe, la peep; pipe

Pitch - la gome

Pitchy - la gome mitlite

Pity (v.) - mamook klahowya

Place - kah yaka mltUte

Plain (n.) - kloshe illahee

Plain (adj.) - kloshe; delate

Plan (n.) - tumtum

Plan (v.) - mamook tumtum

Plank - laplash

Plate - la siet; plate

Play (n.) - heehee

Play (v.) - mamook heehee

Playhouse - heehee house.

Play with stringed instrument - mamook tuletule

Plead - skookum wawa

Pleasant - please; kloshe

Pleased - youtl; kwatl

Plentiful - plenty; hiyu

Plow / plough, (n.) - le shalloo; plow; klugh.

Plow / Plough, (v.) - mamook plow; mamook kokshut illahee; klugh illahie.

Plural - hiyu

Pole - la pehsh; pole

Poll tax - taxes kopa latet

Polygamist - man yaka mitlite hiyu klootchman

Pompous - hyas tumtum

Pond - mimoluse chuck

Ponder - mamook tumtum

Pool - tenas chuck

Poor - klahowya; halo ikta; klahowyum

Pope - lepap

Popular - kloshe kopa hiyu tillikums

Population - tillikums

Pork - cosho; cosho itlwillle

Possess - mitlite; iskum

Possible - skookum kopa.

Postmaster - tyee kopa papah house

Postpone - wawa "alki mamook"

Posterior - opoots

Potato - wappatoo; lapatak

Potent - skookum

Pound - pound; till

Pour - mahsh; wagh

Poverty - klahowya

Powder - polallie; powder

Power - skookum

Practical - kloshe; delate kumtuks mamook

Practice - mamook

Prairie - kloshe illahee; tupso illahee

Prairie Wolf - talapus; hyas opoots talapus

Praise - wawa mahsie

Pray - wawa kopa saghalie tyee

Prayer - wawa kopa saghalie tyee; plie; laprier; talapusha

Preacher - leplet

Precious - hyas kloshe; hyas mahkook

Precise - delate

Predecessors - klaksta man yaka mitlit elip

Preface - elip wawa

Prefer - elip tikegh

Pregnant - mitlite tenas kopa yaka belly

Prepare - mamook kloshe; mamook ready

Prepare (passive) - chako ready

Present (n. v.) - cultus potlatch

Presently - alkie; winapie

Preserve - kloshe nanitch

President - president; tyee kopa Washington

Press - mamook kwotl

Pretend - halo delate mamook or wawa

Pretty - kloshe; toketie; toketic

Prevail - tolo

Price (what) - kunjih dolla

Prick - mamook kahkwa needle

Pride - proud; youtl tumtum

Priest - le plet

Prime - elip

Print - mamook tzum

Prior - elip

Prison - skookumhouse

Prisoner - tillikum kopa skookum house

Private - kopet ikt

Probably - klonas nawitka

Probably Not - klonas halo

Proclaim / Proclamation - wawa

Profane - wake kloshe kopa saghalie tyee

Profit - tolo

Progenitor - ahnkuttie papa

Prohibit - mamook stop; mamook kopet

Promise - delate wawa

Prompt - hyak

Prophet - leplet yaka wawa elip; plopet

Prosper - tolo

Protect - kloshe nanitch

Proud - youtl; kwetlh; proud tumtum; youtl tumtum

Protestantism - Boston plie

Prove - delate kumtuks; prove

Provide - iskum iktas; kloshe nanitch

Provided That - spose

Providence - saghalie tyee

Provoke - mamook solleks

Provoke (passive) - chako solleks

Prow - nose kopa boat ; nose kopa ship

Prowl - cultus klatawa

Public - kloshe kopa konoway tillikums

Publish - mamook kumtuks

Pugilist - man yaka tikegh pight

Pugnacious - tikegh pight

Puke - muckamuck yaka kilapie; kilapie muckamuck;

mahsh yaka muckamuk klahanie kopa yaka lapush.

Pull - haul

Pull Off - mamook haul; mamook tlak

Pup / Puppy - tenas kamooks

Purchase - mahkook

Purgatory - tenas piah

Pure - delate kloshe

Purple - wake siah klale

Purpose - tumtum

Purse - dolla yaka lesak; lesak kopa dolla

Pursue - klatawa kimta

Push - mamook push; kwutl

Put - mahsh

Putrid - humm

Putrefy - chako humm

Puzzle (v.) - halo klap tumtum


Quail (n.) - illahee kulakala

Quail (v.) - chako kwass

Quarrel - solleks wawa; tenas pight

Quarrel (v.) - chako solleks; mamook pight

Quarter - tenas sitkum

Quarter (of a dollar) - kwata; kwahta

Quarterly - ikt time kopa klone moon

Quartz - tkope stone

Queen - tyee klootchman; hyas klootchman tyee

Queer - huloima

Quell, Quench - mamook kopet

Questions - wawa

Quick, Quickly - hyak

Quiet - kwan; kwann

Quills - tepeh; kalakala yaka tupso

Quilt - quilt; tzum paseesie; tzum pasese

Quilt - kopet

Quiver - stick kalitan lesak

Quorum - elip sitkum


Rabid - hyas solleks

Rabble - cultus tillikums

Rabbit / hare - kwitshadie; kwitshoddie; kwitshaddie

Race - hyak cooley

Race Horse - cooley kultan; kuitan yaka kumtuks cooley

Ragged - itkas yaka kokshut

Rain -  snass

Raise - mamook saghalie

Rainy - hiyu snass

Rake - comb kopa illahee

Ramble - cultus cooley

Ranch - illahee; ranch

Rap - mamook kokshut; koko

Rape - kapswalla klootchman

Rapid - hyak

Rapids - skookum chuck; cooley chuck

Rare, wake hiyu

Rascal - mesachie tillikum

Rash - cultus mamook hyak

Rasp - hyas file; hyas lalim,

Raspberries - seapho olallie; itlawa

Rat - hyas hoolhool; colecole

Rather - elip tikegh

Rattle - shugh (shake)

Rattlesnake - shugh-opoots; shukopoots

Rave, chako clazy

Raven, kaka

Raw, wake yaka piah; halo piah

Razor, Knife, opitsah

Razor Fish, ona

Reach, ko; iskum; mamook kwotl

Read, Bead, kumtuks papah

Real, Beally, delate

Reap, mamook cut

Rear, kimta

Reason (v.), mamoon tumtum

Reason (What), (n.), pe kahta

Reassemble, wegt klatawa

Reassert, weght wawa

Rebel, Rebellion, pight kopa tyee

Rebuild - weght mamoon house

Rebuke - skookum wawa

Recall, weght wawa

Recede, kilapie

Receive, iskum

Recent, chee

Reckon, mamook tumtum

Recline, mitlite

Recognize, kumtuks

Recolect, klap tum turn

Recommend, wawa kloshe

Reconquer, weght tolo

Reconsider, weght mamook tumtum

Recount, weght wawa

Recover, iskum

Recreation, kloshe time

Rectuiu, opoots

Recumbent, mitlite

Red, pil

Redden, pilpil

Reddish, wake siah pil; kahkwa pil

Red Hot, hyas warm pe chako pil

Reduce - mamook keekwulee

Re-embark - weght klatawa kopa boat

Re-enter - weght klatawa kopa house

Refine, mamook delate kloshe

Reform - chako kloshe

Refresh - chako chee

Refund - kilapie dolla

Refuse (n.), cultus ikta

Refuse (v.) - wawa halo; (if unobligingly) mamook kwish

Regret - sick tumtum

Regular - kwanesum kahkwa

Reject - mahsh

Rejoice - youtl tumtum

Relate, To - yiem; wawa

Relation / Relative - tillikum

Release - mahsh; mahsh kow

Reliable - kloshe; halo nika kwass kopa yaka; (I am not afraid of him, or he is reliable)

Relief - help

Relieve - mamook help; potlatch help

Religion - saghalie tyee yaka wawa

Relish - kloshe kopa lapush

Remain - mitlite

Remainder (What?) - kunjih mitlite

Remainder (This is) - okoke mitlite

Remarry - weght malieh

Remedy (n.) - kloshe lametsin

Remedy (v.) - mamook kloshe

Remember (To not forget) - mitlite kopa tumtum; wake kopet kumtuks

Remember (To remember after having forgotten) - klap tumtum

Remit - mahsh

Remorse - sick tumtum

Remote - siah

Remount - weght klatawa saghalie

Remove - mahsh, lolo

Rend - mamook kokshut

Renew - mamook chee

Renown - hyas kloshe nem

Repair - mamook kloshe

Repeal - mamook halo

Repeat - weght wawa

Reply - kelapie wawa

Reprove - potlatch skookum wawa

Reside - mitlite

Resolute - skookum tumtum

Resolve - mamook tumtum

Rest - cultus mitlite

Restaurant, muckamuck house

Resurrect, Besnrrection, get up

Retreat (v.), Betum, Beverse, kelipi; kilapie

Review, mamook tumtum

Revive, wind kilapie; kilapie wind

Ribbon, le loba

Rice, lice

Rich - halo klahowya; mitlite hiyu iktas pe dolla

Rid (Get rid of) - mahsh

Ride - klatawa kopa kuitan; klatawa kopa chikchik

Ridicule (n.) - shem; heehee

Ridicule (v.), mamook shem; mamook heehee

Rifle - callipeen

Right - kloshe

Right Hand - kloshe lemah

Ring (n.) - kweokweo

Ring (v.) - tintin

Ring the bell - mamook tintin

Ripe - piah

Ripen - chako piah

Rise - aet Up, mitwhit

Risk - cultus kopa nika; (I will risk it) halo nika kwass

River - chuck; cooley chuck; liver

Road - wayhut; ooakut

Roam - Klatawa kah

Roan Colored - sandelie

Roast - mamook la pellah; mamook piah; mamook cook

Rob - kapswalla

Robin - pil koaten

Rock / Stone - hyas stone

Rocky - hiyu stone mitlite

Roe (of Fish) - pish eggs; pish lesep

Roll - kalapie

Root, stick keekwulee kopa illahee,

Rope, lope

Rosary, leshaple

Rose (n.), kloshe tupso

Rosin, lagome; kull lagome

Rot, chako rotten

Rotten, poolie; rotten

Rough - halo klimin

Round, lolo; lowullo; (whole; the entire of anything).

Rove, cultus klatawa; cultus cooley

Row (v.), mamook lalahm

Rower, man yaka kumtuks mamook lalahm

Rubber Coat, snass coat

Rudder, boat opoots; ludder

Rude, cultus

Ruin, mamook halo

Rum, lum; whiskey

Rumor, cultus wawa

Run - cooley;  hyak cooley

Run Away, kapswalla klatawa

Rupture, kokshut

Rust, pil Ikta kopa chikamin


Sabbath - Sunday, Sante

Sable - mink

Sack - le sak

Sacrament - Jesus yaka muckamuck; sacramenta; saklema

Sacred - kloshe kopa saghalie tyee

Sad - sick tumtum

Saddle - lasell; lasill

Saddle Housing - pe pishemo

Saddle-blanket and trappings of a horse - Lapishemo

Safe - kloshe

Sail - sail

Sailor - shipman

Saint - lesai; sai (before male names, except those which begin with vowels);

sait (before females names those which begin with vowels.)

Salary - tolo

Salesman - mahkook man

Sallal Berries - sallal olallie

Salmon -  samman; salmon; saumo

Salt - salt

Salt water - saltchuck

Same - kahkwa

Sand, polallie; polallie illahee; tenas

stone kahkwa polallie

Sanguine - skookum tumtum

Sap - chuck kopa stick

Sash - la sanjel; belt

Satan - lejaub; diaub

Satanic - kahkwa lejaub

Satisfied (I am) - kloshe kopa nika

Saturday - taghum sun

Savage / Wild - old pashion;  siwash

Save - iskum

Saw - la gwin; la scie; lasee

Say, to - wawa; wauwau; nah

Scales - ikta kopa mamook till

Scant - wake hiyu

Scanty - wake hiyu

Scarce - wake hiyu

Scarf, hyas sail kopa neck

Scare, mamook kwass

Scatter, mahsh konoway kah

Scent (n.), humn

Scent (v.), mamook humn

Scholar, tenas kopa school; school tenas

Schooner, mokst stick ship

Scissors - le seezo; sezo

Scold - skookum wawa

Scream - hyas skookum cly

Scripture – Bihle; saghalie tyee yaka book / saghalie tyee yaka papah

Scythe - hyas knife kopa hay; youtlkut opitsah

Sea - saltchuck; sea

Seal - olhlyu; olehiyu; olhyiu; siwash cosho

Second - moksti

Secret - ipsoot

Secure - kloshe

Seduce - kapswalla

See, to - nanitsh; nanitch

Seek - mamook hunt; klatawa pe tikegh klap

Seize - iskum

Seldom, wake hiyu

Select - iskum ikta mlka tikegh

Sell, to - mahish; mahsh; mahkook; mahsh mahkook

Senator – hyas tyee

Send - mahsh

Senior - elip

Sense - kumtuks; latet

Separate (adj.), huloima

Separate (v.), mamook cut

Serious - wake heehee

Sermon - saghalie tyee yaka wawa

Serpent - oluk; snake

Servant - kahkwa elite

Serve - mamook

Seven - sinamokst; sinamoxt; sinnamoxt

Seventeen - tahtlum pe sinamokst

Seventh - sinamoksti

Seventy - sinamokst tahtlum

Several - tenas hiyu

Sew, to - majnook tipshin; mamook sew

Shackle - mamook kow; mahsh chikamin kopa yaka lemah

Shake, to - toto; hullel

Shall - alki; by by; winapie

Shallow - wake keekwulee

Shame - shem

Shameless - halo shem; halo kumtuks shem

Share (It is my) - okoke nikas; okoke kopa nika

Shark - shark; hyas kamooks pish

Sharp - tsish; yahkisilth; sharp; pahkisilth; lakesilh

Sharpen, to - mamook tsish

Shatter - mamook kokshut

Shattered - kokshut; coxit

She, Her - yaka; yahka

Sheep - le mooto; lummeto

Sheet - sail

Shell Money (the large) - hykwa, hyakwa; halkwa

Shell Money (the small size) - coopcoop; allekacheek

Shingle - lebahdo

Shine (v.) - mamook kloshe

Shining - towagh

Ship - ship

Shirt - shut

Shoal - wake keekwulee

Shoes - shoes; shush; tkitlipa

Shoot, to - mamook poo

Shore - Illahee

Shore (towards) - matline

Short - yuteskut; halo long

Shortly - alkie; winapie

Shot - shot; tenas le bal; kalitan

Shot Pouch - kalitan lesac; tsolepat

Shoulders - okchok

Shout, to -hyas wawa

Shovel - la pell

Shower - tenas snass

Shriek - skookum wawa

Shudder - kwass pe shake

Shut, to - ikpooie; mamook ikpooie.

Shy - kwass

Sick - sick; etsitsa

Sicken - mamook sick

Sickly - tenas sick

Side, side; (this side, yukwa; that side, yahwa.)

Sift, to, toto

Sigh, tenas cly

Sightless, halo nanitch; blind

Sign, kahkwa picture

Silence (n.), halo noise

Silence (v.. Imp.), kopet noise; howh

Silk, la sway; lasoy; laswa; silk cloth; skookum sail.

Silly - kahkwa pelton

Silver- tkope chikamin

Silver Dollar - tkope dolla

Similar – kahkwa

Similar to – kahkwa; kahkawa

Simmer, tenas liplip

Simply, kopet

Sin, Sinful, mesachie; lepeshe

Since - kimta

Sincere - delate

Sing, to - shantie

Single - kopet ikt

Sink (to) - mahsh keekwulee; (it sinks) klatawa keekwulee; klip

Sinner - mesachie tillikum

Sip - muckamuck chuck

Sirup - melass; silup

Sister - kahpho (if older than the speaker); elip ats

Sisterly - kahkwa ats

Sit, to, mitlite

Six - taghum; tughum; tohum

Sixteen -tahtlum pe taghum

Sixth - taghumi

Sixty-one, taghum tahtlum pe ikt

Size (what), kunjih hyas

Skeptic - man yaka halo iskum saghalie tyee yaka wawa

Skill - kumtuks mamook

Skin - skin

Skull - bone kopa seahost

Skunk - hum opoots; humm-opoots; peshes; piupiu skubeyou

Sky - koosagh; saghalie; ekusah

Slab - cultus laplash

Slander, mesachie wawa; kliminawhit wawa

Slap - mamook kokshut

Slave - elite (Pronounced "ehlight"); mistchimas; mistshimus

Slay - mamook mimoluse

Sleep - moosum; sleep

Sleepless - halo moosum; halo sleep

Sleepy - tikegh moosum; tikegh sleep

Sleight of hand - tamanous

Slight (adj.) - tenas

Sling (v.) - mahsh

Sling (n.) - tenas lope kopa mahsh stone

Slip - wake siah fall down

Slippery - cultus; loholoh.

Slow - Slowly, klahwa; wake hyak

Slut - klootchman kamooks

Sly - ipsoot

Small - tenas

Smell, a - humm

Smile - tenas heehee

Smite - mamook kokshut

Smoke (n.) - smoke

Smoke (v.) - mamook smoke

Smoky (very) - hiyu smoke

Smooth - klimin; kloshe

Snake - oluk; olook; wahpoos; snake

Snare / Trap - lapeage; kwalta

Snow - snow; cole snass

So - kahkwa

Soak - mitlite kopa chuck

Soap - soap

Soft - klimin; klimmin

Soil - illahee

Soldiers - sogers

Solely - kopet

Solicit - wawa; ask

Solitary - kopet ikt

Some - tenas hiyu; sitkum

Sometimes - tenas hiyu times

Somebody - ikt man; klonas klaksta

Son - tenas

Soon - alki

Sorcerer - tamahnous man

Sore - sick

Sorrel Colored / a sorrel horse - le blau; pil; pil kuitan

Sorry, Sorrow - sick tumtum

Soul - tumtum; sele

Sound - noise; latlah

Soup - lasup; liplip muckamuck

Sour - kwates; sour

South - kah sun mitlite kopa sitkum sun; stehwah

Sow (n.) - klootchman cosho

Sow (v.) - mahsh

Spade - la pell

Spanish flies - piah lametsin

Spark - tenas piah

Sparrow - tenas kalakala

Speak, to (v.) - wawa

Speaker - wawa man; man yaka kumtuks wawa.

Spectacles - glass seahost; dolla seahost; lakit seahost

Speech - wawa

Speed speedy - hyak

Spend - mahsh

Spider - skookum (when spoken of as a tamahnous)

Spill, to - wagh; mahsh

Spine - bone kopa back

Spirit (essence) - tumtum; life;

Spirit (supernatural) - tamanos; tamahnous

Spirits (alcohol) - lum; whiskey

Spit - mahsh lapush chuck; mamook toh

Splendid - hyas kloshe

Split, to - mamook tsugh; mamook kokshut; wagh; tsugh

Split (passive) - kokshut; chako kokshut; chako tsugh

Spoil - mamook spoil; mamook mesachie; mamook cultas

Spoil (passive) - spoil; chako spoil; puli.

Spoon - spoon

Sport - heehee

Spotted - tzum; chum; le kye

Spring (v.) - sopen; jump

Spring, (n.) - tenas waum illahee

Spurs - leseeblo

Spy- nanitch skookum

Squall - skookum wind pe snass

Squaw - Siwash klootchman

Squeal - wawa kahkwa cosho

Squeeze - kwutl

Squirrel - skwis-kwis; kwis-kwis

Stab, to - klemahun; mamook cut; mamook kokshut kopa knife

Stable - kuitan house

Stag - man mowitch

Stage - chikchik; tsiktsik

Stagger - klatawa kahkwa pahtlum man

Stale - oleman

Stallion - stone kiuatan; man kuitan; yaka mitlite stone; stud horse

Stamps (postage) - tzum seahost

Stand, to - mitwhit

Star (in the sky) - tslltsil; chilchil

Stare - skookum nanitch

Start - klatawa; chee klatawa

State - hyas illahee

Stay, to - mitlite

Steady, (be) - kloshe nanitch

Steal, to - kaps walla; kapsualla

Steam - smoke

Steamer / steamboat - piah ship; steamer; steamboat

Steel - chikamin; piah chikamin

Steer - tenas man moosmoos

Stench - humm; piupiu

Stem - opoots

Stew - mamook liplip; lakanim

Stick, a, (n.) - stick

Stick, (v.) - mamook cut; mamook kwotl

Still, (be) - kloshe kopet

Still, (adj.) - kloshe

Sting (n.) - opoots klemahun

Stink, a - piupiu; humm

Stir - tenas klatawa

Stirrup - sitlay

Stockings - stocken; kushis

Stomach - belly; yakwahtin

Stone - stone

Stony - kahkwa stone; stone mitlite

Stooped, kaulkek; lah

Stop, (active) - mamook kopet; ikpooie; ka

Stop, to, (Imp.) - kopet

Store - mahkook house

Storekeeper - mahkook man

Storm, (wind) - hiyu wind

Storm, (rain) - hiyu snass

Story - enkahnam; wawa; yiem

Stove - stob; stove

Straight - delate; delet; sipah; sopah

Straighten - mamook delate

Strange - huloima

Strange or different kind of beast - huiloma mowitch

Stranger - huloima tillikum

Strap, (n.) - skin lope

Strap, (v.) - mamook kow

Strawberries - amote; ahmoteh

Stray - cultus klatawa; klatawa kah

Stream - chuck; cooley chuck

Street - ooakut kopa town

Street Address - wayhut pe house kwannun

Strike - mamook kokshut

String - tenas lope

Stripe - tzum

Strive - mamook skookum

Stroll - cultus klatawa; cultus cooley

Strong - skookum

Strongly - kahkwa skookum

Student, school tenas; tenas kopa school

Study - mamook tumtum kopa papah ; Mamook tumtum kopa book

Stuff - Iktus; (sometimes pronounced “itkus”)

Stupendous - delate hyas

Stupid - halo latet; kahkwa pelton; pelton

Stupor - kahkwa mimoluse

Sturdy – skookum

Sturgeon - stutchun

Subdue / Subject - tolo; kuon

Sublime - hyas kloshe

Submerge - mahsh keekwulee kopa chuck

Submit - kopet

Subscribe - mamook tzum

Subsequent, kimta

Subsistence, muckamuck

Subtract, mamook haul

Succeed - tolo

Such - kahkwa

Suck - muckamuck

Sucker - katake

Sudden - Suddenly, hyak

Sugar - shuga; le sook; shugah; shukwa

Sugary - kahkwa shuga

Suicide (to commit) - mamook mimoluse yaka self

Suitable - kloshe

Sulky / Sullen - solleks

Sum - konoway

Summer - waum illahee

Summon - wawa kloshe yaka chako

Sun - sun; otelagh

Sunday - Sunday; Sante

Sunlight - sun yaka light

Sunrise - tenas sun; get up sun

Sunset - tenas polaklie; klip sun

Super - skookum

Super Highway - Skookumklahwayhut

Sup, Supper - muckamuck kopa tenas polaklie

Superb, hyas kloshe

Superior, elip kloshe

Supervise, kloshe nanitch

Supplant - tlkop ooakut

Support - kloshe nanitch; Potlatch muckamuck pe konoway iktas

Suppose - spose; pos

Supreme - elip hyas kopa konoway

Sure - delate; delate kumtuks

Surgeon - doctin

Surmise - mamook tumtum; tumtum

Surprise - mamook tumtum; ikta okoke

Surrender - kopet

Survey - mamook tzum illahee

Survivor - man halo mimoluse

Suspect, (I) - nika tumtum kahkwa; pe halo nika delate kumtuks

Swallow, (n.) - tenas kalakala

Swallow, (v.) - muckamuck

Swan - kahloke; kahloken; cocumb; ouwucheh; keluk

Swap - huyhuy

Swear - wawa mesachie; mamook swear

Sweat - chuck kopa skin

Sweep, to - mamook bloom

Sweet - tsee, kahkwa shuga

Sweetheart, (my) - nika tenas klootchman, or tenas man

Swell - chako hyas

Swift - hyak

Swift water, skookum chuck

Swim, sitshum; mamook swim

Swine, cosho

Swing*, hang

Sympathy, sick tumtum kunamokst


Table - la tahb

Tacks - tenas nails; tenas lecloo

Tail - opoots

Take, to - iskum

Take care - kloshs nanitch

Take off / take out - mamook haul; mamook klah; mamook klak; mahsh

Talk - wawa

Talkative - hiyu wawa

Tale /Story - wawa; yiem; ehkahnam

Tall - hyas long

Tallow - moosmoos glease

Tambourine / Native Drum - pompom

Tame, (adj.) - halo wild; halo lemolo; kwann

Tame, (v.) - mamook kwann

Tame - Kwass

Tan - mamook kloshe skin; mahsh yakso kopa skin

Tap - tenas kokshut

Tart - tenas sour; tenas kwates

Task - mamook

Taste - tenas muckamuck

Tattle - cultus wawa; yiem

Tavern - muckamuck house

Tea - tea

Teach, to - mamook kumtuks; mamook teach

Tear, (n.) - chuck kopa seahost

Teat - Tatoosh

Tedious - till; long

Teetotaler - man yaka halo kumtuks muckamuck whiskey / lum

Teeth - latah; teeth; ledan; letai; lanes; otsotsach; lattah

Tell, to - wawa; yiem

Temple - hyas church house

Tempt - tikegh haul kopa mesachie

Ten - tahtlum ; tahtlelum

Tend - kloshe nanitch

Tender - wake kuU; waka skookum

Tent - sail house

Tenth - tahtlumi

Term, (of school) - kwahta

Terrible, Terror, delate hyas mesachie

Territory, hyas illahee

Testament, saghalie tyee yaka papah or book.

Testicles - stone, bone

Testimony - wawa kopa court

Testify - wawa kopa court; delate yiem

Than - kopa

Thanks / Thankful / Thank you -  masi; mahsi; mahsie; masiem

That - okoke

That way, yahwa

Thaw, (water), chako chuck; (land), chako klimmin

The - (sometimes okoke is used, a very definite the, almost equal to that)

Thee - mika

Theft - kapswalla

Their / Theirs - klaska; kopa klaska

Them - klaska

Themselves - klaska self

Theology - saghalie tyee yaka wawa

There - yahwa; kopa

Thereabout - wake siah yahwa

They - klaska

Thick, (as molasses), pitlilh; pitlih.

Thief - kapswalla man; tillikum, yaka kumtuks kapswalla.

Thisrh - lapea yahwa;

Thin, (as a board), pewahte; tewhate; lakesilh; pchih; pewhattie

Thine, mika

Thing-, ikta; iktah

Thing's, iktas

Think, tumtum; mamook tumtum; pit-luck

Third - klonei; klooni

Thirsty, olo kopa chuck

Thirteen, tahtlum pe klone

Thirty, klone tahtlum

Thirty-one, klone tahtlum pe ikt

This, okoke; ok

This way, yukwa

Thither, yahwa.

Thorn, needle kopa stick

Thorough - delate

Those - okoke

Thou, thy, thine - mika

Thought - tumtum

Thoughtless - halo tumtum

Thousand - thousand; tahtlum tukamook; hioh; (hyas tukamonuk - "the great hundred")

Thrash - mamook pat

Thread - klapite, hwilom

Threat, mamook kwass

Three - klone; kloon

Throng - hiyu tillikums

Trough, (by means of) - kopa

Throw / Thrust /Throw away -mahsh

Thumb - lemah

Thimder - skookum noise kopa saghalie

Thursday - lakit sun

Thus - kahkwa

Thyself - mika self

Tide - chuck chako pe klatawa

Tie, (v.) - mamook kow

Tiger - hyas pishpish

Tight - skookum; kwutl

Timber - stick

Timid - kwass

Tin / Tinware - malah; tin; matah

Tint - tzum

Tip, to - lagh

Tire, (n.) - chikamin mitlite kopa chik-chik

Tired - till

To, towards -  kopa

to the__ - kopa

Tobacco, bacca; kinootl; kinoos; kimoolth

Tobacco, bacca; kinootl; kinoos; kinoolth

Today - okoke sun

Together - kunamokst

Toil - mamook

Tomb, mimoluse illahee

Tomorrow, tomolla

Tongue - la lang; lelang

Tonight - okoke polakalie

Too - kunamokst

Tooth - latah; tooth

Toothache - sick kopa latah;sick kopa ledan; sick kopa tooth; sick kopa ienes

Top, (adj.) - saghalie

Torn - kokshut; tlah tlah

Torpid - kahkwa mimoluse

Toss - mahsh

Total - konoway

Tough - skookum; kull

Tow - mamook haul

Toward - kopa

Towel - sail yoka mamook dly; seahost pe lemah

Track - tzum kah

Trade - huyhuy; huy-huy; huihui; mahkook

Tradesman - mahkook man

Tradition - ahnkuttie tillikums klaska wawa

Trail - ooakut; wayhut; tenas ooakut

Tramp - klatawa kopa lapea.

Transfer - lolo

Transgressor - mesachie man

Translate - mamook cooley kopa huloima lalang.

Transmit - mahsh; send

Trap - la piege; trap; la peage; kwalta

Trash - cultus iktas

Travel, to - klatawa; cooley

Traveler, man yaka hiyu cooley.

Treacherous, hyas tseepie; mesachie.

Treasurer - tillikum yaka kloshe nanitch dolla.

Tread - klatawa

Tree - stick

Tree, fallen - whim stick

Tremble / shake - hullel; hulul

Tribe - lalang

Trick - tseepie mamook

Trim (v.) -mamook cut; mamook kloshe

Trinity - tlinlte;  saghalie tyee; (nesika papa, pe yaka tenas Jesus, pe yaka Holy Spirit)

Trot, to - teh-teh

Trouble (n.) - trouble

Trouble (v.) - mamook trouble; mamook till tumtum

Trousers - sakolleks

Trout - trout; tenas fish; tzum salmon; tenas salmon

True - delate; halo kliminawhit

Truth - delate wawa

Trunk - lacasset

Tub - tamolitsh

Tuesday - mokst sun

Turn - kilapie; howh

Turning - lahlah

Turnip - turnip; lenawo; lamooow

Twelve - tahtlum pe mokst

Twenty - mokst tahtlum

Twenty-one, mokst tahtlum pe ikt

Twilight - tenas polaklie

Twine - tenas lope; klapite

Twist - mamook kilapie

Two, twice - mokst; moxt

Tyro - halo kumtuks


Udder - totoosh; tatoosh

Ugly - cultus; wake toketie

Ultimate - kimta; halo huloima

Umbrella - tenas sail house kopa snass

Unable - wake skookum; howkwutl; awholt

Unaccustomed - Unacciuainted, halo kumtuks

Unacquired - halo iskum

Unaware - halo kumtuks

Unappeased - halo chako kloshe tumtum

Unbelief - halo iskum kopa tumtum

Unbind - mahsh kow

Unceasing - kwanesum

Unchristian - halo kahkwa Jesus

Uncivilized - wild

Uncle - tot; uncle; papa yaka ow; mama yaka ow; ehee

Unclean - hiyu mesachie mitlite.

Unconscious - kahkwa mimoluse.

Uncork - mamook open.

Under - keekwulee; keekwillie.

Underneath - keekwulee; kickwillie; kekuli

Understand, to - kumtuks

Undoubted - delate.

Undress - mahsh iktas

Undying - halo mimoluse

Unequal - wake kahkwa

Unexpected (to me) - nika tumtum halo yaka chako kahkwa.

Unexplored - halo klaksta nanitch.

Unfasten - mahsh kow

Unfavorable - halo kloshe

Unfinished - halo kopet

Ungodly - mesachie

Unhappy - sick tumtum

Unintelligible - halo kumtuks

Unit - ikt

Unite - mamook join; mamook kunamokst; chako kunamokst

Universal - konoway

Universe - konoway illahee konoway kah

Unjust, wake delate

Unkind - wake kloshe

Unknown - halo kumtuks

Unlawful - wake kloshe kopa law

Unload - mahsh iktas

Unlock -  mamook halo lekleh

Unmeaning - cultus; pelton

Unmentionable - halo wawa

Unnoticed - halo nanitch

Unpopular - konoway tillikums halo tikegh kahkwa

Unresolved - halo tumtum

Unsalable - wake kloshe kopa mahkook

Untamed - lemolo; wild

Untanned - halo kloshe

Untie, to - mahsh kow; mamook stoh

Unto - kopa

Untold - halo wawa

Untrue - kliminawhit

Unturned - halo kilapie

Unusual - huloima.

Unwilling - halo tikegh

Unwind - mamook kilapie

Unwise - pelton

Unwholesome - wake kloshe

Unworthy - halo kloshe; wake kloshe; mesachie

Up - saghalie.

Upbraid - cultus wawa

Upheave - mahsh kopa saghalie

Uphold - mamook help; mamook skookum

Upland - saghalie illahee

Upon - saghalie kopa

Upper / Uppermost - elip saghalie

Upright - delate; klosh; mitwhit

Upset, Upside Down, kelipi; kilapie

Upward - saghalie

Urge - skookum wawa

Urinate - mahsh chuck

Us - nesika

Use - mamook; use; mamook use

Useful - kloshe

Useless - cultus

Usual - kahkwa kwanesum

Utensils - ikta


Vacant - halo

Vaccinate - mahsh lametsin kopa lamah yaka kloshe kopa smallpox

Vagabond - cultus tillikum

Veil - sail kopa seahost; sail kopa seeowist

Vain - yotl; ploud

Valiant - skookum tumtum

Valise - tenas lacaset

Valley - kloshe illahee; coulee

Vancouver - kltsothot; kitsotkwa

Vanish - chako halo

Vary - mamook huloima

Vary (passive) - chako huloima

Vast - hyas

Veal - tenas moosmoos yaka itlwillie

Vegetables - konoway muckamuck chako kopa illahee

Vehement - skookum

Vehicle - chikchik

Vein - kah pilpil mitlite

Venereal Disease - piah sick

Vengeance - hyas solleks

Venison - mowitsh

Verily - delate; nowitka

Vermine - inapoo

Very - hyas

Very Small - hyas tenas

Vessel - ship

Vest - la ween; la west

Vice, mesachie

Vicinity - wake siah

Victor - tillikum yaka tolo

Victory - tolo

Victuals - muckamuck

View - nanitch

Vigil - wake moosum

Vigils (the) - levigil; pishil

Vile - mesachie

Village - tenas town

Villain - mesachie tillikum

Violin - tintin

Vine - stick; youtlkut tupso; stick kahkwa lope

Violent - skookum

Violet - kloshe tupso

Viper - tenas oluk

Virgin - tenas klootchman; klootchman halo kumtuks man; haloman; wake kumtux man

Virtuous - kloshe

Vision - nanitch

Visit - klatawa pe nanitch

Voice - wawa

Volcano - piah mountain

Vomit, to - wagh; mahsh muckumuck; muckamuck kilapie; muckamuck killapi.

Vote - mamook vote

Voyage - klatawa kopa boat; klatawa kopa ship


Wade - klatawa kopa lepee kopa chuck

Wagon - chikchik; tsiktsik

Wail - hiyu cly

Wait - mitlite; winapie; mitlite winapee

Wake - halo sleep; halo moosum

Waken - mamook get up

Walk, to - klatawa; klatawa kopa lapee

Wall - skookum kullah; skookum pence

Waltz - tanse

Wampum (shell money) — hykwa; coopcoop; allekacheek

Wander, to - cultus klatawa; tsolo

Want, to - ticky; tikegh; ticke; tickeh

wants that [they do such and such] - ticke spose

War - pight

Warble - sing kahkwa kalakala

Warm - waum

Warning, potlatch kumtuks kopa mesachie; mamook kumtuks kopa mesachie

Warrior - pight tillikum; sogah; soger

Wash, to - mamook wash

Wasp - andialh

Waste - cultus lost; cultus mahsh

Watch (n.) - tiktik; watch

Watch (v.) - kloshe nanitch

Watchman - man yaka kwanesum kloshe nanitch

Water (n.) - chuck

Waterfall - tumwater; tumwata

Waterspout - chuck ooahut

Waver - wake skookum

Waves - hiyu sea; chuck chako solleks

Way - ooahut; wayhut

We - nesika

Weak - wake skookum; halo skookum

Wear - mitlite

Weary - till

Wedding - malieh; mallie

Wednesday - klone sun

Weed - cultus tupso

Week - Sunday; week

Weep - cly

Weigh, to - mamook till

Welcome (to you) - kloshe tumtum mika chako

Well (n.) - tlwop

Well (adj.) - kloshe

Well then - abba

Went - klatawa

West - kah sun klatawa; kah sun moosum

Wet - pahtl chuck; chuck mitlite

Whale - ehkolie; ehkole; ehkoli; ecola; ekkoli; kwahnice; kwaddls; whale

What - ikta; iktah

What is the matter (if sick) - kah mika

Wheat - sapolil; lewhet; lebley

Wheel - chikchik: tsiktsik

When - kansih; kunjih

Whence / Where - kah

Whet - mamook sharp

Which - klaksta

Whine - wawa kahkwa cly

Whip - le whet; lawhip

Whiskey - whiskey; lum

Whisper - tenas wawa; ipsoot wawa

Whistle - mamook wind kopa lapush

White - tkope

Whiten - mamook tkope

Whitewash - mamook pent tkope

Who - klaksta

Whole - konoway; lowullo; lolo

Whole damn thing, the - kopa konaway

whole shebang, the - kopa konaway

Whose - klaksta

Wliy - pe kahta; kahta

Wicked - mesahchie; mesachie; peshak

Wide - klukulh; halakl; klak

Widow - klootchman yaka man mimoluse; lummi

Wife - klootchman; oquackakull

Wild - lemolo; wild

Wild Cat - hyas pishpish; siwash pish-pish;; kwalas

Wild Onions - kalaka

Will, the - tumtum

Willow - eena stick

Win, To - tolo

Wind, wind

Wind Instrument - tuttut; tuletule

Windy - hiyu wind

Wine - wine

Wing - kalakala yaka lemah, tepeh

Wink - mamook seahost

Winnow - mamook toto

Winter, cole illahee

Wintry, kahkwa cole illahee

Wipe, to - mamook dly; klakwun

Wire - chikamin lope

Wisdom, Wise, kumtuks

Wish, to - tikegh

Witch, tamahnous

With, kunamokst; kopa

Withdraw - mamook kilapie

Without (not any) - halo

Without (not in) - klahanie

Wolf - leloo; lelou; hyas talapus; wolf

Wolf (Prairie) - talapus

Woman -  klootchman

Womanly - kahkwa klootchman

Woman (old), lamai; lammieh; lummieh; lummi

Womb - lesak kopa klootchman kah tenas mitlite; belly

Wonder - mamook tumtum

Woo - hyas ticky; hyas tikegh

Wood / Wooden - stick

Woodpecker - koko stick

Wool - sheep yaka tupso lemooto yakso

Woolen Cap - latuk

Word - wawa

Work, to - mamook

World - konaway okoke illahee

Worn out - oleman; cultus

Worry - sick tumtum

Worship - wawa kopa Saghalie Tyee

Worse -  elip mesachie; kimtah kloshe

Worst - elip mesachie kopa konoway

Worthless - cultus

Worthless stuff - Cultus Iktus

Worthy - kloshe

Wound, to - mamook cut; ; kwult mamook cut; klemahun.

Wrap - mamook kow

Wrestle - mamook pight

Wretched - hyas sick tumtum

Wrist - lamah yahwa

Write, to -  mamook tzum ; mamook pepah

Writing - tzum

Writer - tzum man

Wrong -  wake kloshe


Yankee -  Boston man

Yard -  ikt stick

Yawn - ticky moosum

Year - ikt cole

Yearn - hyas ticky

Yell - hyas skooknm wawa

Yellow - kawkawak

Yelp - kamooks wawa

Yes -  nowitka; ahha

Yes, indeed -  nowitka

Yesterday - tahlkie; tahlkie sun

Yesternight -  tahlkie polaklie

Yield -  kopet

Yonder - yahwa

You, Your (if singular) - mika

You, your (if plural) - mesika

Yours -  mika; kopa mika; mikas

Young - tenas

Younger - elip tenas

Youngest - elip tenas kopa konaway

Yourself - mika self


Zero - halo; wake

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