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More than just a passport - members for the Cascadia Department of Bioregion receive voting rights, and are the grassroots supporters who make our movement happen.

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Give monthly, or make an annual gift of more than $60, and receive: 

  • Cascadia Passport - special member stamp & business directory.

  • Updates & Discounts - events, classes, and special happenings 

  • Voting Rights - for the Department of Bioregion

  • Digital Action Kit - with maps, resources and ways for every person to take action and be involved

  • Our Theory of Change - Organizers Handbook

  • Passport to Cascadia - our quarterly magazine, the first issue to be published November, 2019.

  • Many other goodies

All Cascadia Member Kits are currently in pre-order, and will be in the mail in time for Cascadia Day May 18th 2019.

If you don’t want to become a member, you can purchase the Cascadia Passport here. If you are a business and want to carry the passport, you can apply here, or can plug your info into our Cascadia business directory here.

The Cascadia Department of Bioregion is an informal, grassroots organization powered by it's members. We receive no grants, or support from any current businesses or corporations.

Gifts are not tax deductible.