Cascadia General Data Protection Regulation (CGDPR)

As the world becomes increasingly dependent on technology, and more personal information becomes available online - Cascadians must push for stronger privacy and data regulations to gauruntee the rights of every individual to have access to - and determine how their information is used and stored.

The Cascadian General Data Protection Regulation (CGDPR), is a unified set of regulatory framework for allthe states and provinces that make up the Cascadia bioregion modelled on the recent GDPR that was passed in Europe , the most sweeping set of protection for individuals just passed in the EU.

Cascadia, as a home of technology that drives innovation around the world - must be at the forefront in North America of working on Data protection and privacy law. We shall work to see the creation of the Cascadia GDPR, to gain voluntary adopters through non-profit, tech companies and universities working in the Cascadia Innovation Corridor, and lobby for a base set of principles at the same level of guaranteed personal protections, freedoms and regulatory authority as needed for a 21st century digital society needs.

You can learn more about the EU GDPR here: