Smart Roadways: Towards A Fossilfuel Free Transportation Infrastructure

Smart Roads, E-Roads, Electrified Roads - Support the development, installation and use of smart, electrified track or wireless charge roadways or other methods which can charge electric vehicles while they are driven or used. Electrified roadways are one option, but not the only one - and use technology similar to overhead cables that charge electric buses and trolleys, but instead is built into the road. Other uses of smart roadways are for thermal mass or keeping roads ice free.

For track systems, when a retrofitted vehicle senses it's on the electric road, an arm lowers onto the track that charges the car's battery. These systems works in rain or snow. The system is designed to feed heavy truck loads, but will be capable of charging cars and buses as well. The roads can be paid for by billing drivers directly for the amount of electricity used. Because a majority of carbon emissions currently coming from aging deisel vehicle fleets - implementation of electric trucks, buses and other large fleet vehicles is an easy step to reduce global carbon impact.

These systems can use track based or wireless charging technologies, and can be fed by solar, wind, hydro-electric or other renewable, non fossil fuel based systems.