Incorporating Cascadia Universal Protections

Cascadia should ensure it’s citizens the right to live - with every person making the choice how to live. As we enter into the 21st century, and with newly emerging instability, inequality and technology - this means providing every citizen with the basic tenets of society for life , liberty and happiness.

Creating a Constitution: Establishing a Framework for a Constituent Assembly

Any pathway to greater autonomy, independence, or self determination must be decided and created by the people who live here, in a peaceful and democratic manner. Rather than small groups placing their ideas or will upon a larger - from the beginning a framework for a democratic body able to represent Cascadia, and enter into decision making and external negotiations must be put in place.

Cascadia General Data Protection Regulation (CGDPR)

As the world becomes increasingly dependent on technology, and more personal information becomes available online - Cascadians must push for stronger privacy and data regulations to gauruntee the rights of every individual to have access to - and determine how their information is used and stored.