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Cascadia Day


Cascadia Day is a day chosen to join together to help celebrate and raise awareness of Cascadia, meet our neighbors, and discuss and plan how we are going to positively create change here in the Pacific Northwest. Raise your flag, wear your patch, and join fellow Cascadians, building Cascadia as a positive force for change.

Why May 18th? 

May 18th is the anniversary of the Mt. St. Helens eruption, chosen by former Seattle University professor David McCloskey as a day to represent Cascadia because of it's visceral reminder of the dynamism of our region. We live under massive forces that shape our world, in a region defined through it's geography, geology and topography - and we are all a part of these processes.

This is Cascadia, and we are Cascadian

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Wondering how to celebrate Cascadia Day?

Cascadia Day is a day to celebrate our bioregion, and the wonderful inhabitants and people who make the Cascadia movement so special. It is also about creating traditions and rituals that our own, that represent the ideas and values we find so special.

Below are 5 simple ways every Cascadian can take action on May 18th.

1. Share on Social Media

Wish all your fellow friends, family and Cascadians a happy Cascadia Day! Read an article recently you liked? Have a cool Did you recently read an article on bioregionalism that you enjoyed? Do you have a photo of you reppin' Cascadia gear? Sharing content online that relates to Cascadia movement can be a powerful way to celebrate! Any online platform from Facebook to Twitter or Pinterest to Email is a great way to share information or ideas to educate, spread awareness, and help expand positive bioregional action. Use or search the #May18 and #CascadiaDay #Cascadia to show others what you are up to or to take a look at how others have decided to celebrate too!

2. Let your Cascadia flag fly

The 18th is the perfect time to break out the Cascadia Doug Flag we all know and love so much.

3. Rep Your Cascadia Gear

Whether you are covered from head to toe in blue, white, and green or simply representing the movement with a simple supporter pin, Cascadia gear is a great way to show support and to get people noticing the movement. 

4. Create Art

We have seen some pretty impressive ways that many people have started think outside the box when it comes to showing their Cascadian pride. Whether it’s painting your nails to represent the Doug Flag, baking up some Cascadia shaped cookies, or having a craft day with the kiddos to create some Cascadian inspired art, all are great ways to express your supporter culture for the movement.

5. Host a Cascadia Day Celebration

A great way to participate in the Cascadia Day celebrations is to create or attend one of the many different community events that are being hosted throughout our bioregion. If there isn't already an event in your region or you are interested in starting your own, we encourage you to start up any event that you think represents Cascadia. A few potential ideas include block parties, potlucks, movie nights, neighborhood cleanups, barbecues, tree plantings, wine tastings, or pub nights! No matter how big or how small, getting together with your neighbors and sparking up conversations about Cascadia and enacting some form of positive change in your community is what this day is all about.