Our Team

Jay Conrad

Board President

Pronouns: They/Them/It

Jay is a genderqueer artist who was born on Sammamish (Xacuabš) land. Jay is passionate about data privacy, ethical art, healthy living, and dabbles in all things DIY. They are a photographer/videographer by trade,student at Seattle University School of Law, and founding president of the Non-Binary, Gender Non-Conforming and Allies Student Association.

Yogi Uriah

Vice President

Pronouns: He/Him

Yogi is a member of the Black Voices Collective and Black Star Farming group in Seattle. He is of the belief, that the land he lives on today called him there. Cascadian identity is a direct action, and commitment to being the change you most desire not just in your community, but the world at large. Progress doesn’t always have to be slow

Audrey Daye


Pronouns: She/Her

Audrey is a an activist, organizer and law student at Seattle University School of Law. She helps steward the Honey Bee Allies and Olympia Mutual Aid Collective in Olympia, WA.

Trevor Owen

Board Member

Pronouns: He/Him

Trevor Owen is a founder and board member of the Cascadia Underground and Department of Bioregion. While running the Cascadia Store, his focus is on using Cascadia to advance bioregional principles, ways of living, and infusing these ethics into all aspects of our lives.

Michael Caster

Board Member

Pronouns: He/Him

Michael Caster is a human rights advocate and researcher specializing in China and Southeast Asia. He is currently the Asia digital program manager with Article 19, where he manages projects on internet freedom and digital rights. In 2016 he co-founded Safeguard Defenders, a regional human rights organization with a focus on China, and with whom he continues to serve as senior advisor. Michael previously worked with Civil Rights Defenders. In 2008, he was a co-founder of the Chinese Urgent Action Working Group in Beijing, until the organization was crippled in 2016 in a country-wide crackdown on the human rights movement.

Alex Daye

Board Member

Pronouns: He/Him

Alex is activist, organizer and public defender living in Olympia. He helps steward the Honey Bee Alliance and Olympia Mutual Aid Collective, and is a strong proponent for indigenous sovereignties and rights.

Staff & Bioregional Coordinators

Brandon Letsinger

Executive Director
Cascadia Bioregion Coordinator


Pronouns: He/Him

Brandon is the founding director of the Department of Bioregion. Over the years, he’s been involved in many different Cascadia related organizations including starting CascadiaNow!, Cascadia Bioregional Party, Cascadia Underground, Cascadia Football Association and a few others. He is also a former Wilderness EMT-B, helped start the Seattle Street Medics, was a member of Students Against War and was a grant writer and former board member of the People’s Harm Reduction Alliance (PHRA), a peer run needle exchange program in Seattle.