Providing the backend tools every project needs, but very few have access too.

A replicable suite of tools for building online “front door” portals for bioregional movements.

Let us help you build your “front-end” movement portal. A bioregional “collective” so that we can all add to our collective tool library, and share costs if people choose to. The work that one of us does, empowers all of us.

You customize the front end entirely to your needs, we share the backend infrastructure. 

Works to connect Mighty Networks, Hylo, Kumu and existing in person communities(backend work) – to a digital front end easily available for the general public, so they can find information, and ways to get involved, and that we can effectively archive lessons being learned, in a way that can be documented, easily found and shared. 

Please use the thousands of dollars we’ve spent to get our website up.

Citizen Government and Bioregional Movement Building in a Box

  • Unlimited Web Hosting / Website through our WordPress Multisite
  • Dedicated domain for your organization
  • Nonprofit Administrative backend if you choose to use it. Ability to accept grants etc.
  • An interconnected “digital ecosystem” with APIs that connect to the platforms you need.
  • Web 2.0 architecture so that everything is interactive.

Online “Movement Portal” – WordPress Multisite

  • WP Engine Multisite Hosting and SSL.
  • Flexible Wordpres Theme. We use “Born to Give” which we can guarantee works with all plugins. Feel free to use your own.
  • The Events Calendar
  • The Events Calendar: Virtual Events and Tickets – RSVP or sell tickets w/scannable QR Codes. Integrates with zoom
  • PMPro – Tiered membership roles/permission and cost levels. Members can have full or limited access.
  • Learn Dash – E-learning Software
  • WPForms – can easily customize sign-up forms and APIs
  • Add yourself to the map – connects to mapping software. GIS. 
  • WooCommerce – Sales. We can set up warehousing and shipping. Integrated Sales.
  • Charitable. Ability to donate to specific programs / workgroups. Peer to peer fundraising.

Other tools include: 

  • ESRI – online GIS web application and ArcGIS. Nonprofit pricing.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud 
  • Store – Partnership with KOTIS for warehousing / graphic design.

In the future: 

  • Wikimedia Hosting
  • Any tools / Resources you would like to share.


Digital Ecosystem: