Membership is how we keep our bioregional movements flowing. By becoming a member, you gain access to resources and awesome communities of organizers like you.

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By signing up for one of our tiered membership packages, you join the inaugural ranks of bioregionalists working to build a brighter future for our bioregions and planet. All memberships support our 501(c)3 programming, bioregional projects, education and organizing. In addition to limited edition Founder’s swag, you will receive access to our resources as we create them, a subscription to the Planet Drum Pulse Newspaper, and a 15% discount and access to our member only bulk purchasing buyers collective.

Founding membership is special, and we want to thank all of our supporters who have stuck with us since the beginning in a special way. At our various levels you will find: Founding member patches, t-shirts, hoodies, short run stickers, bioregion maps, postcards, flags, as well as the ability to sponsor various other projects.

All donations made through our Founding Membership Campaign will be used to grow bioregional projects and connect with more bioregions and movements.

The price for membership is $50.00 per Month.

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