Become a Bioregional Ambassador

Ambassadors grow bioregional movements. They represent the idea to friends, family, businesses and their communities. By becoming an ambassador, you gain access to resources and awesome communities of organizers like you.

Connect. Grow. Share.

Benefits for Members

  • Subscription to the Cascadia Spoke.
  • Educational Resources
  • Community Directories
  • Flag, Shirt, Hoodies and other gear
  • Digital Resources and Trainings

Membership Levels



Passport, Flag & Cascadia SPOKE Subscription

$5 / mo


Cascadia Flag Giant PDX

Awesome Member Shirt

$10 / mo



Awesome Member Shirt or Hoodie

$20 / mo

Bioregional Catalyst


Member Hoodie & Shirt

$50 / mo

Thank You!

The Department of Bioregion, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We are a grassroots movement born out of passion and a love for bioregionalism. Your support means the world to us.

Introducing the Cascadia Spoke: A Bioregional Journal

Be a part of the latest discussions on bioregionalism and what’s happening in Cascadia with a bi-annual subscription to the Cascadia Spoke: A Bioregional Journal. By signing up for as a member at any level, you receive a copy of the the Spoke, a community publication. Mailed to all members for summer and winter solstice.

All membership levels receive this benefit.

All memberships and donations support our 501(c)3 activities, and support local bioregional Departments and projects. You can cancel or adjust your membership anytime from your online dashboard. All information is private, and will never be sold, shared or misused.

Where does the money go?

  • To local bioregions and departments.
  • To keep us independent and supporter-run.
  • To provide and create bioregional resources, services and opportunities.
  • To sponsor/co-sponsor events that engage community members by sharing their passions and skills.
  • Support projects, events and groups working to foster a strong and healthy bioregion.

Looking for Maps & Resources and can’t afford to be a Supporting Member?

No problem! Sign up as a Changemaker to receive free access to our digital assets and library of maps, resources and trainings. You’ll also receive the Cascadia Spoke twice a year.

Like what we do and want to support our work? Change your membership level at any time.



Digital Maps, Resources and Assets, Cascadia SPOKE Subscription