Project Resource Library

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Non-Profit Resource Library

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Applying For & Maintaining 501(c)3 Status

Strategic Planning

Culture of Philanthropy

Communications, Publicity & Events

Nonprofits Helping Nonprofits

  • Washington Nonprofits – Events, networking, tool kits, etc. We are members! Let us know if you need help accessing any member only resources:
  • Nonprofit Hub– Listen to Nonprofit Hub Radio podcasts, view articles on a wide variety of subjects, and sign up for free webinars.
  • 501 Commons – Awesome resources for nonprofits including a Training & Networking Event Calendar and personalized assistance!
  • National Council of Nonprofits– Discover resources like nonprofit sector trends, ethics & accountability, and much, much more!
  • TechSoup– IT for nonprofits featuring webinars and events, product discounts, and a varied library of articles and how-to’s.
  • Firespring – Free webinars for nonprofits featuring communications, donor relations, and more!

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Quick Reference Guide:

  • Apply to Become a Project
  • Project FAQ
  • Resource Library
  • Project Directory

For Project Leaders:

  • Organizational Documents
  • Reporting Template
  • Expense Request
  • Other Services


Grant Application Materials

  • DOB IRS determination letter
  • DOB Board of Directors Roster
  • DOB Statement of Financial Activity
  • DOB Statement of Financial Position
  • DOB 990
  • Completed W9
  • Budget Template

Mailing Address: 4128 Interlake Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103
Primary Contact: Brandon Letsinger, Bioregional Director,
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